Homophobic chat in Eve. Function to report this kind of chat. CCP react to this

This kind of chat has to stop and we need to be able to report this so people spreading this kind of stuff get banned.

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Send in a support ticket and report them to CCP.

Posting it on the forums won’t do anything.


good idea, hadn’t thought about that. Cheers

im sry that i hurt your feeling on that one and that you are not used to banter

don’t bother. ticket has been submitted.

ye ye good for you and all but plz dont join null sec then we will not have any alliances left in eve if that’s all that is need for a report

I think the point is that in pub channels, a level of decorum is needed. Private corp channels are another thing altogether.

Welcome to the internet, OP.

If you get yourself worked up over things people say you’re in for a baad time… Ignore it.

Oh…wait…you’re the one who freaked out on me for saying those new ship skins looked like crap…so, yeah, you’re pretty tender, aintcha? Good luck.

I never understood people that feel offended on others’ behalf. Obviously, I don’t have the whole chat and I really don’t care but the stuff you see in EVE sometimes will make you curl up. I just ignore it for the most part. Unless it is really bad, at which point I will report it.

I get called that a lot in the game when I kill people, which is why my character always looks fabulous. Doing it in style. :slight_smile:

But as others said, log your ticket, GM will deal with it as they see fit and then of you go.

@shimiku In today’s weak chinned world it also helps to have a little bit of decorum in public spaces.


This has nothing to do with being offended on other’s behalf. Nor with being on the internet.
This stuff is not ok and ignoring it isn’t either.

I’m a bit confused here. What exactly was homophobic in this conversation? That he thought he would become gay by drinking from a bottle or the understanding answers of the other players?:thinking:

Edit: Claire-42 (later comment) “All I advocate for is stuff like this needs to stop. Ignoring a problem is not a solution.”

Nobody ignored anything. I am sorry, that you are offended by someone coming out in local. :grin:

Love is Love and EVE is Live. :heart_eyes:


Seriously over reacted in my opinion lol…


People gotta watch what they say these days it ain’t like the 90s when you could say that anything sucks is just “hella gay as balls!” without it having anything to do with homosexuality of homophobia. Modern times there will be someone to be offended by anything even if it is not offensive speech. All that matters is if someone will be offended.

Personally, I don’t know what else was said in full convo but from this photo it seems quite innocuous in nature and typically you will hear a lot worse during game play referring to sexuality and it still not having anything to do with some form of phobia or hate speech but just players being petty to each other as they typically do when they rage a lot after blowing up each others…STUFF!

Your going to need to develop a bit thicker skin if you plan on not just rage quitting this game in a hurry someday soon. What is better is to learn to ignore what others say if it refers to something you happen to have doubts with about yourself the real problem is you need to learn to love and respect yourself so that nobody can say anything of you that would offend you and be used against you. You can’t control what other people will do or say but you have it in you to control yourself and that matters a whole lot more.


This has nothing to do with me being homosexual or not as said before. All I advocate for is stuff like this needs to stop. Ignoring a problem is not a solution. In private spaces, you can do and say to yourself whatever you want. in public spaces, you respect other people in whatever way. Simple. Some people can’t do this and in these cases other parties have to take responsibility, CCP in this case. A company that organizes charities like plex for good should not tolerate homophobic or racist speech affiliated with their product.

We are trying to clarify which part of that chat log you found offensive. Most of us are having trouble seeing anything problematic.


Good evening. If you believe content to be offensive, please feel free to file a support ticket. As there is no one on the forums that can help you in this issue, I’m going to close thread for you. Thank you.