Racist Behavior in Chat should not be tolerated!

Today I was playing Eve and I came across a real racist in local. Extremely offensive. As an Asian myself I have faced racism in real life and in eve. He was not specifically targeting Asians, but he was making remarks such as “[Black people were slaves, and good thing they were, they are inferior” and sentences along the lines of “Blak people are dumber than other races” and “Black people smell bad.” I have since reported this player and I can only hope CCP won’t tolerate this behavior. Please post your opinions on what happened or your experiences with racism in Eve. This should not be tolerated in any way, shape, or form.

Report them to CCP with a ticket, not a post on the forums.

I did (As stated above), I want to see other people’s experiences and their opinions on the matter. If you do not want to respond in a constructive and respectful way, you probably should not respond at all.

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Each time a thread like this comes up, it devolves into shitslinging and insults. Are you expecting the forums to come together and hold hands and make daisy necklaces?


I would hope so, yes.

I don’t think Krimmins should be tolerated in any way, shape or form. Please post your experiences about this. For all we know screenshot is Krimmins alt. And so what if it wasn’t. Ignore or report like a big kid.

Its not my alt. I did report this, but I think we need to bring more attention to these kinds of things. Its driving players away, including myself.

Block and move on with your life.
People are going to be dicks on the internet. That’s a fact of life.

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Like the people responding to Krimmins in this thread, as an example.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:


Yeah for every person who just “Blocks and moves on” that is one racist who can go on and harass other people. Do you think the civil rights movement happened because MLK decided to just ignore the racism and move on? Do you think anything has ever happened because people have just “Ignored it and moved on.” No. I am a paying customer and I deserve to not have to experience racism in the chat when I am playing a Space MMORPG that takes place in a distant star cluster billions of light years away.

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How am I a d*** for wanting to have a racism free experience in Eve? I pay money for this, and I am entitled to not having to fear racist harassment in local when I log on for what is supposed to be a fun evening of Eve Online.


I edited it for clarity.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

Block, so you don’t see them again.
Report, so they get banned by CCP.
Problem solved.

Oh thanks hahaha. Sorry I misunderstood.

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No I will not just move on from experiencing racism in chat. Maybe you should move on from this thread, however.

If you encounter racism in any way, shape or form while playing Eve Online, please file a support ticket about the matter. Naming and shaming on the forums does not lead to healthy community discussion, and more often than not breaches community guidelines. Thank you.