Rookie Help - Racist

Hello? Are the moderators asleep, please ban JiggyThePiggy Autism

Saying racist stuff, including the “N” word over and over and talking about very very disturbing things in a channel for your new Eve Players.

Just block the idiot…

Thank you, some people don’t get it.

You should call the police then…this is very serious.


LOL…Block the idiot, tell others to do the same and move on…start a ticket if you want. Just try and keep it together.

Posting on the forums won’t work, use an ingame report.

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Well we have you pegged don’t we.

Piece of ■■■■.

Why is there a block function?

Then block me…or stop replying…YOU have the power so exercise it and stop whining about other people to do it for you.

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Have you guys heard the garbage rap music that kids listen to these days?

They aren’t hearing anything in EVE that they actually find offensive.

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I don’t excuse it…I just don’t give it oxygen which is what they really want…again, block and report. Done.

This is a forum and these are my opinions…all of which fall in line with the TOS/EULA…you don’t like that? That’s a real shame…I will lose sleep tonight about that.

Again, don’t like it then piss off…take responsibility and stop whinging. Heck use the block function here if you were ACTUALLY serious…

People have been saying that about this or that since the dawn of time…


Stop analyzing my old man lines!

LOL…there there grandpa…

(I’m getting up there too BTW)

I remember in the 80’s getting blamed for the demise of western civilization because I was a skater…oh and liked the Beastie Boys…double whammy…

Racism on the internet! Gasp!

…clutches pearls

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Clutches Pearl’s what ? and doesn’t Pearl object ??

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Tell 'er to get off your lawn, that one always works for me.

I heard all the bad guys in the Last of Us 2 are evil white men.

If this is true, use the report function and take some screen shots.

I’m no snowflake but it’s a front facing public channel and language like that doesn’t belong.

In the mean time, tell everyone how to use the block function.


i vehemently condemn racism
but in the spirit of our dystopian anarchic mad max like space life
i recommend you to block him and forget about pc speech for a little
is better if the trend stay out of new eden imho

aaa you can open a ticket to , but don’t tell anyone , we don’t like rats

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