I was just wondering if Eve is still filled with Homophobic bile

I was just wondering if Eve is still filled with Homophobic bile ?
I had a friend Lorimer who was banned for complaining about Homophobic hate from a so called “major corp” …
Is it OK to be gay in eve ? Without being called out on voice coms in corp chat for being gay ?
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Dr Grey

It’s better than it used to be. Not as good as it could be.

There’s some expressly LGBT friendly groups like Chroma Corp or Be Nice out there.

I would still not expect high marks from people on the internet. EVE like any game is filled with trolls, toxic people and homophobic people. There are great LGBT corps out there as @Syeed_Ameer_Ali mentioned.

I fly with small HS corps and my alliance is not even that big. I am not surprised how it can get pretty toxic out in NS/WH space… All desolate… In HS/LS you can just hop on over to the nearest trade hub but it’s such a different lifestyle further from populated areas in EVE. It… Changes people’s attitudes… their thinking… turns them bitter and toxic.

Anyways if a corp starts to get political and all of that; I would just stay away. There are hundreds of corps who will GLADLY accept a solid well rounded EVE player. EVE is simply a pixel ship game and that’s what it should stay as. Like common I had a Mimintar person told me he was being war decked because of the color of his skin!

I’m not buying… Why do I have this feeling you’re not telling all the truth?


Not really. More and more groups are being filled with ‘diversity equity and inclusivity’ SJW/woke bile instead.

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no one ever asked me about my sexuality in eve…
probably because im a giga chad thought :thinking:


Yeah same.

I don’t recall ever asking anyone either.

I don’t care at all. Like, I literally care more about whether or not you’re wearing matching socks (a surprisingly non-insignificant minority of people don’t!)



Also, OP either seems to be a troll, or an overly sensitive individual who assumes the worst of other people and who seems to have already made up their mind about this community.

Anyway, I responded with some of the good things about this community, but stopped short of discussing LGTBQ players. Like, it feels wrong to discuss the personal lives of players that I think/know are gay or trans, and I’m certainly in no position to discuss their experiences with the game’s community. I dunno. All I can say is that I know for a fact that there are LGBTQ people who feel safe enough to be open about who they are within some of the corps and communities within Eve Online.

Alright, I think I better stop while I’m still (hopefully) ahead.

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You are dude, let me finish it.

There are ZERO importance inside EVE universe about your sexuality.

The communists are feeling lucky? Do you think you can take us? Bring it! This ain’t twitter (yet).


EVE, like any cross section of humanity, will have those who are hate driven. My experience with eve though, has been more positive than negative player wise. Sure you are going to have a few people be nasty and vile, but… most ain’t.

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