GLBTA - EVE's Oldest Surviving LGBT channel

Since 2010 (ish) I have been a part of and one of the admins for what is to my knowledge EVE’s oldest surviving alliance-agnostic LGBT channel/community. Over the past 8 years membership and activity have ebbed and flowed as with EVE as a whole, but we never really advertised that we existed.

Now, with activity (at least on discord) growing again, and after seeing CCP Falcon’s tweet about doing a LGBT meet up at fan fest, I felt we might as well let everyone know that the meetup doesn’t have to end in Iceland.

The in-game channel is GLBTA, or if you want to join our Discord click here.


The Space Princess approves!!!


Been a long time since I have been in that channel, but I will have to make my way back in there. Thanks for the post.

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It’s good to know that places and resources like this do indeed exist. Keep up the good!

Good work, nice to see more users :slight_smile:

Boo, crunchy you suck! Also I like waffles.

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