Cool People Do This Move

Join the EVE discord :smiley:

Is there an officially EVE discord?

I ask because I honestly do not know.

There is now :smiley:

Here’s me helping the nubs!

So not an official discord?

Oh no, its official. You gotta verify and all.

It’s moderated. All the CCP peeps are in there, including Hilly.

I saw it on the launcher a bit ago and joined :smiley:

I want forum peeps to join it :smiley: I don’t recognize any of these peeps and it makes me a sad panda.

Will have a look.

Hopefully it is better moderated than this cesspool.

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I like this cesspool too. We’ll see how it goes. I am spreading the truth of EVE on it far and wide to the nubs.

You shalt see me on both :smiley:

I reckon Frostpacker is banned

Since when did cool people start playing this? We should round them up and set them to flight before this becomes another WoW!

I mean I’ve killed Leeroy Jenkins :smiley:


Soon you will need to join Discord server to go to toilet…

How do I join?

When I poked my head in, it was just after the security status changes for outlaws in high sec. I started a conversation about it and clearly had a minority opinion, so the incumbent “PvP tough guys” started talking crap about highsec ganking and how PvP needed to be removed from high sec, and then personal attacks ensued, so I stopped participating.

It’s the same as the forums just an even lower barrier to low quality short lived rhetoric to be posted, which is about all that most gamers seem to be able to handle these days.

I stick to private discords or hell the Roleplay one, it’s far more tolerant there as long as you’re not an asshole.

Mm. They seem to not be able to handle me well in real time :smiley:

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Yeah gaming circles and the internet in general is not about exchange of opinions and ideas but cultist mentality and echo chambers. So much for “diversity”, being “inclusive”, “tolerant” and all that stuff. :thinking:


Reminds me of a game forum but can’t remember which…:thinking:

Oh I know. Reminds me of this forum :smiley:

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