The eve online discord ( un official )

Eve online is notorious for not really getting the information out there to it’s players , there is no Offical discord server , but there is an Unofficial server which you are all welcome to join.

I do not run the server or have anything to do with it other than use it like almost 3000 other eve online players

On the eve onlines unoffical discord server you can trade , Recruit , learn and teach and there are many people just chatting away in the general chats.

To join use this link

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There must be many Eve Online Discords, I was invited to two others but I thought those are only to be used for fleets and in game + Eve Online Forum is where information is shared.

Wouldn’t this forum cover Trade / Recruit & current information? Then there are player blogs & websites that also share information too,

Sometimes people engage better when actually speaking in a chat room like discord

Anyways hope you join us in discord yourself

I, uh… currently committed myself to a task in New Eden and would not have enough time and I most definitely don’t want to burn that bridge.

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No longer fake CSM server?

So it is official or not?
It’s like reading poor Jita scam…


It was auto correct on my phone :slight_smile:

Wow no wonder CCP cbf to help you guys , your always so hostile.

You call

It reads more like a joke.
Men are so fragile these days.


Ah well
Maybe , I just had a message on the communications forum which told me to F off lol and I’ve just woken up , so nope not fragile just pre annoyed with an idiot :slight_smile:

The joke was 3/10 tho at best :slight_smile:

Frequent forums, get insulted. It’s been a given with forums almost from their inception. While bad behavior is to be condemned, the Internet has gone hand in hand with hostile behaviors and It’s even worse nowadays. It is to be expected, unfortunately.
Idiots are to be ignored. It’s easy to do on internet.

3/10. Not bad for an amateur :wink:

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