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Beware those who are new to the game - many are banned and censored from the EVE ‘Official’ Discord which is moderated by random and biased individuals from all about the game with their own objectives!

For example, characater ‘Intigo’, a widespread moderator of EVE discord, will ban anyone for any oddly enough, discord among any members. This is despite the nature of conflict within EVE.

I was banned from EVE Solo when pointing out Intigo is not actually a solo player but moderating and dominating the discord for solo players, this is NOT healthy for the game. I was promptly banned.

I am far from an advocate for CCP maintaining control over all things knowing their resources, but CCP should maintain an OFFICIAL EVE discord where players can interact and ask questions just like in game channels without interference from player groups. It’s too easily interfered with and is a determent to the game.


Why would you ever use discord unless you wanted to be an intel leak?


No one here likes any other platform. If you use reddit, twitter, slack or discord, you’re a pleb that is supporting the destruction of society as we know it (that’s the general sense of the argument anyway).

But seriously, why whinge here?

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This Discord isn’t a place for intel, it’s a place for discourse between all parties invested in a part of EVE Online. The fact that some are banned because they disagree with the moderators point of view is wrong and influencing on new players.


All Discord servers that have pilots in them are sources of intel.

Thats probably why they have theirs in the first place.

Is there anything left anymore that doesn’t boil down to “think of the children”?

There’s 2 laws of the forum:

  • Think of the children is the catch all reason for anything anyone wants, that’s actually all about them
  • Every thread is a ganking thread. The only difference is the good threads take a long time before ganking comes up and the bad threads are about ganking from the start

I’m drawing atttention to a platform a large amount of players use, and hopefully see this. EVEO Forums and in-game are not the only things they see and we should all be aware of that!


If you think the groupthink in a Discord group named 'Solo-PVP- is that you should join a null blob and defend yourself that way, then sure. The children are taken care of.


That Discord server is privately ran, of course you can get banned for hurting their fee fees. git gud

Nothing is being reported, this isn’t Bringing Solo Back. We are discussing (or were) the state of Solo PVP in EVE as a whole.


Not hurting their ‘fee fees’ bruh. Warning new bros that it’s very hive think and they should take it with a grain a salt. Ya’ dig’?


I dont go on private discord servers full of strangers expecting my privacy to be kept, so I wouldnt know.

Guy can run his server how he likes, if you dont like it, leave it.

Or best dont join it in the first place.

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Best advice ever though

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Agreed with privacy on discords. My issue is they advertise themselves as the EVE Discord and censor all but their own opinions injudiciously.

With your own advice, don’t join in the first place. < for the new bros!


Sadly people are allowed opinions so apart from calling them out, what can be done?

But yes best advice is, DONT GO WITH STRANGERS, KIDS

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That’s a good description of the forum, only there’s two hives, one filled with bees and the other filled with wasps. The hives are always at each other’s throats.

But seriously, take every platform with a grain of salt. Login and go see for yourself. That’s the best way.

I think you misunderstand my intentions. While I do intend to call out the moderators of the discord… my main point is to dissuade EVE’ers from buying into the hive mind active in such discords and take such with a grain of salt. It’s much like watching a very biased news source and calling yourself ‘informed’.

Merely a warning.


I dont know what hive mind youre talking about.


is much better and less wordy


Agreed, just sharing my own experiences. As an experienced Solo player, I was banned by a CODE. member who moderates a ‘Solo’ and ‘Faction Warfare’ channel. I would welcome anyone to debate me on how this is good for either of those gameplay’s or EVE in general.

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Agreed, wasn’t meant to be a debate. Just a warning to those unaware!