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Does anybody have the Eve Online discord server?

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Is there one ? I can’t find it.

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Update. I did find it. What a horrible place. I don’t recommend it.

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Please explain what’s going on there?

Clueless people, being clueless. Nothing new.

There’s an EVE discord server? I can’t imagine what a deliciously horrendous abomination of entitlement and evil it must be!

Wait, yes I can.

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That’s a problem with every single mainstreamed communications channel.

At first they’re small and a dedicated group of smart people is in there.
Then the hoardes come and Eternal September hits.
Then the smart ones leave because they’re being drowned by idiocy.
Then it’s a worthless pool of morons.

The first time I’ve observed this was in 1997 on a national chat server that went to shits as soon as they increased the population count beyond 256 people. It’s always the same and the only way to combat it, is to either have a paywall or heavy moderation.

The paywall usually works best, even if it’s just a few bucks.

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Well just imagine a live version of r/eve

But worse

Dirk MacGirk said, and I quote “r/eve discord lol. Is that like hepatitis c vs. AIDS?”

Other comments I’ve seen:

“I don’t see much talk about Eve at all on the eve discord”
“I can’t stand Eve discord any more”
“The eve discord has always been a dumpster fire”
“Do you think r/eve discord will use this opportunity to be less toxic”

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