What happened to it?

EVE university help chat used to be helpful. Now its full of trolls and other idiots. Why did such a valuable resource just slowly die?

Why am i asking this? everytime i go to EVE Uni’s help channel nothing productive or good happens.

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Contact a mod and get them to moderate it. The third reich is ironically the best method of keeping people in line.

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I did. I sent a very informative email to the ceos of the alliance.

K, so we can close this thread?

Nice to meet another troll. No I want to discuss this. EVE uni has gone down the drain.

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Not really a troll. I mean, the only thing you can really do is to contact the administrator or moderator of the channel and ask them to be there more frequently.

Its like discussing the banning of a player or not receiving a response from CCP customer support. There isnt really anything we can do, its up to them.

What exactly do you want to discuss, anyways? What is there to discuss? Theres nothing we can do to stop the trolls from entering the chatroom, unless either of us are moderators.

Get other people to talk about it and make EVE uni notice the issue and make them do something. I mean after all it is an official help channel.

Thats assuming anyone from EVE University browses these forums. Youre not even in the “New player FAQ” section, which is the most likely to garner views from EVE University.

But, again, you sent the mail. So thats the best thing to do, and the one that gauruntees that they will see it. So this thread is sort of redundant.

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