Where are the Rookie and English Help MODS?

This needs some attention folks.

I logged in an hour ago. Went to Rookie Chat and trolls were present, calling newbros (and I quote) “■■■■■■■”. No advice being given apart from myself and 1 other, to be shouted down.

So went to English Help channel, same trolls, same names, no Mods at all.

I am a grown man with many years in Eve and I have never seen chat without mods jumping on the crap.
Please sort this, if I joined the server and felt bad, you should too CCP.


This is definately an issue and has actually been unaddressed for far far too long.


A lot of the mods are volunteers.

You know, I sent in my application a while ago, and it was rejected. not sure why, I couldnt be more helpful in the forums.

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That is sad to hear. I have always kept help channel open and have learned so much about EVE just reading questions and answers. It used to be very well looked after by mods. What happened?


EVE is dying. So are the volunteers hearts and minds.

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It’s the Age Of Chaos.

-DeMichael Crimson cues the Band to start playing-

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