English Help Channel is Pathetic

Hello o/

I’m posting this in here because it’s an issue that needs looking into.

The English Help Channel needs better moderation or just straight out Moderators present in-game to help people with questions because I can’t find the words to begin to describe how pathetic it usually is and how useless it was to me today.

Maybe this will illuminate the issue:
I needed to find out why the slider for the scan on Planetary Interaction didn’t work for me although I have all the required skills. I clearly explained that I read everything there is to know about it.
Out of 350 people hanging out in “help” chat, 2 answered. One with a generic eveuniversity link “planet interaction guide” and the other linked to *YouTube.com" :roll_eyes:

Since I couldn’t get anyone who gives a #¥%$ to help I went to the French side of Help Chat. 150 people in there and someone private messaged me and helped me while he was doing a mission! He was cordial and knowledgeable. So much so that I sent him 5mil for his help.

How pathetic is it that 350 people couldn’t/didn’t want to help - in Help Chat - and that I had to go to a different language Chat to get the answer I needed?
What about those guys who only speak English? I guess they’re SOL.

While English Help Chat is used to recruit new players at best or insult them at worst, I do NOT think that situation helps with player rention one damn bit.
A game like EVE that makes millions a year in revenue could at least manage a Help Chat worth a damn.

Anyway, I needed to get it out of my system SO much pathetic it was and I hope things will change with Help Chat.
No, I’m not holding my breath.

Perhaps you’re looking for rookie help ?

How much isk did you donate to the helpful person that helped you?

Perhaps a Plex or few? After all they give up some of their gametime to help you.

Hot damn dude. You realize that the help channel is made up of people volunteering their time to help others. Sorry, if no one was willing/able to tell you an answer that you could have figured out on your own (I actually had the same problem when I first tried doing planetary interaction).

You know I’ve heard a few people assert that all sorts of nasty stuff was going on in the help channel, so, I actually sat in there to see what was going on. But every time I’ve done so, I’ve seen mostly friendly and helpful people (I have seen some spam). Now, I’m not saying that bad actors can’t sometimes go in there, because I have seen rule violations myself. But what I have seen makes me think that there isn’t actually a problem.

So, if you do see a bad actor, report them. And if you think the channel is so bad that CCP needs to do something about it, bring some chat logs. Because I raise the BS flag on help channel just being such a terrible place.


What truely is pathetic is the expectations from freeloaders and their demands yet contribute nothing back in return

We see the same thing with FOSS software, we even had a recent case in Eve where somebody cried a river about a bookmark shared by Signal corp in a WH causing their death

Free is never enough for freeloaders, they want their shoes shined too

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Some “help”… :unamused: 350 people in there and not 1 interested in helping. OH yea, 2 dudes. 1 posting a useless link to guide ( as if I can’t Google myself ) and another 1 insulting me with YouTube.com :sweat_smile:

Volunteering to do what, exactly? Be on the chat and do something else? Hell I can do that playing all the while.
You mean volunteering to recruit new players to exploit them, I can believe that.
Every time I posted a question in there I received a Recruitment mail. Coincidence? I think NOT.

On the hother hand, French Help Channel, with not even half of the “volunteers” was successful.
It was like Day and Night.
English Help needs some serious taken care of because, as I said, I had the option to ask in French but what about the only English-speaking players?

:rofl: Okay. Forgive if I don’t take your word for it because I been there and let me tell ya, it’s a clusterflock.

Even the guy who helped me in French told me that he used to volunteer but since they took away the incentive he wasn’t doing it that much at all.
English Help Chat has been a problem for as long I go there. Don’t judge by my toon’s age either. I been playing EVE much longer than you suspect.


Why did you post in this thread if you suspect I’m lying???
You might just walk off without another word in here then.

Same goes for those who post in here to argue for the sake of argument.

I got the help I needed no thanks to the English “help” channel.
I guess that’s all that matters. Who cares about the other players, right? :roll_eyes:

And what did you contribute back to the person whom helped you?

What have you contribued to help channel or do you join and just demand and expect?

was there and am there often. he opens demanding a private chat with people and bein kinda rude, then one guy suggested he youtube a guide to see it and then linked him a guide. first he just linked youtube.com then a specific guide. cand deff understand why just the generic youtube link would be annoying but the guide he linked was nice and showed wat to do

i was already watching a guide because i dont know PI but he raged at the thought of watching the youtube video. Before i could figure out what he was talking about he flipped out and said he was going to french help. 10mins later he comes back to call us more mean names and then while later someone posted this in there.

dudes somethin else thats for sure.


Got a chat log? Probably not permitted to post those though (at least in raw form)

Should maybe use “Let me Google that for you” links :slight_smile: https:// www.letmegooglethat.com/

Not everybody will be into PI so if out of 150 ppl only 2 do PI then those will be the ones to help.

Chat logs are fine to post

You’re just a pathetic liar.
In NO WAY was I rude at all.

And yes, you were there. With liars like you in there it doesn’t help either.

Fistycuffs, duels… batter up

I gave him 5mil isk.

Read the post before opening your mouth :roll_eyes:

Calm down karen

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I raise your 5m with 100m for your corpse


Yeah, I figured he was just a difficult person. I remember one time I was talking to a potential recruit for a corp I was in, and he mentioned that he wanted a corp with an active Australian TZ. I told him that our aussie TZ was pretty dead, and that he might want to look elsewhere. He got mad at me, and then later told another director that I was being rude to him. I was dumbfounded. I don’t know. Maybe there was some text message confusion, or english was a second language for him, which led to some misunderstandings.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out in help. I’m sure you guys don’t get nearly enough appreciation for the work you do.

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100m up for grabs, for Han Zealot’s corpse.

Come and get some then.