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Hey!, I sometimes see people asking for help in Spanish on English Channels (Like Rookie help), I know that there are not more than 100 or 50 players that will get in, but, how many can cost put an “Spanish Help (Ayuda)” in Recommended Channels?, just for the couple of players that need help and prefer to chat in spanish, I can be in there to help, are there any way to get it?


I think is not supported … It would help a lot of people indeed, a shame .

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Seems like a great idea and easily implemented.

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A Help Channel in Portuguese would be nice too. I would happily sit there to help fellow brazillians and portuguese new players.

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Advertising a non official channel is a touch risky. Ccp don’t control the channel. While they could moderate it, that’s yet more work on the gms and isd. Who may not speak Spanish.

There’s more to this than “can’t be bothered”

Except isn’t eve-u still in the “official” channels list? It’s far more unseemly for the devs to endorse a recruitment channel as a help channel (borderline fraud even) than to have unmoderated help channels.

@OP, they used to have dozens of language help channels. They deleted them because they didn’t have the ISDs to moderate them. Unfortunately, this is a “working as intended” situation.

IIRC, at one point EVE had a lot more ‘official’ language channels, but they removed many of them back in Oceanus release in 2014. Presumably because, as already mentioned, it is hard for them to maintain adequate levels of moderation and supervision across multiple channels and multiple languages.

Player created channels are one workaround. Not sure if this thread is till updated but there used to be a list in
Player Created Language Channels.

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