A variety of Turkish-speaking people play Eve online.
but we find it sad that we have no official recruitment channel.
is it not possible to open a channel for us?
I hope that our request for an official channel is not too much.


I will ask, but is there anything stopping you guys from setting up a channel yourselves?

no there is no obstacle to set up your own.
But new players must first find these channels.
An official channel can be quickly found as the other languages ​​have their recruitment channel.

was our request passed on?

when can we expect results?

The official channels are made for the officially supported languages, which CCP also give support with. I don’t think you will get that status for Turkish while there were others more popular once like Spanish that aren’t officially supported languages either. Adding a new officially supported language is not cheap or easy.

I understand you. We only want an official Kannal, and no support. An official meeting place for our language, that should be possible or made possible. Otherwise I see a discrimination of us Turks

You won’t get an official channel without official support for it. That’s how it is for all of the official language channels that are in-game. You are not being discriminated any more than any other language that isn’t officially supported.

I will bring this up again and see if it’s possible. Given the current chat problems, however, I’d be patient.

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@Irina_Vahalla - talked to CCP about this today. Good news and bad news.

Bad news is, unfortunately, they only provide “official” recruitment and support channels for languages that CCP has provided localization support for.

However, the good news is that they are more than happy to help publicize a player create recruitment channel. So as I noted before, if you guys have an “unofficial” Turkish Recruitment channel, CCP would be willing to help publicize it to get more Turkish players in there so you can meet and chat with each other more effectively.

Let me know if that’s something you all want to do and I’ll pass the info on to the community team.

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@Brisc_Rubal I created a channel. The name is " Türkiye Merkezi "
I would be glad if this channel should be easy for everyone to find.
If possible, I would like this channel to be added to the other recrutmend channels.
So all players and beginners can quickly find the channel.

I hope that this time it will not only contribute to a forum. but integrated in the game so the player can join this channel with ease as it is the other languages ​​of the case.

There is already a Turkish channel that its main purpose is helping Turkish players. Its been active since 2009. If ccp can support it somehow we would be happy as Turkish players.

Channels name is “Merkez” as you can see in that forum post i linked.

Great - I’m glad that this has already been created by folks and promoted by CCP.

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