Turkish language support

Firstly im writing as a Turkish player who played over 400 hours than left the game but still wanna play.its not possible to understand why u are not adding Turkish language since 2000th years.players need their own language to play this game, especially a big country which has over 80 million population like Turkey.we are players who spending money for this game,asking for Turkish language is our due.thank you.

Well, as speaker of the world’s second largest language (by native speakers) and third by total speakers (native and not native), this representing a potential market in excess of 550 million people, and having seen how CCP decided that French was a higher priority after all (right while the person in charge of localisation was a French lady)… as a native Spanish speaker, I truly welcome you to the club of people whom CCP is not interested in their money unless we speak English, Russian, German, French(!) or Japanese.

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