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Hello friends,
Many game platforms have a Turkish language plugin. The number of people who can speak Turkish in the world is 120 million people and a little more.

New games feature Turkish language plugin. Example: PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds), Arma 3, GTA 5, LOL, DOTA, CRYSIS.
I always wanted to play this game in Turkish. However, this never happened.

I think Turkish language should be added to this game now. You can enjoy playing in your own language. People like me and me want to play in Turkish.

Your views on this matter are important to me.

Thanks and Best Regards

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That would be good. Unfortunately it seems CCP is taking away things that assist with EvE being more widely accessible to people who speak languages not one of the main ones the game supports (Russian, German, English, etc.). rather than adding to game. The Japanese situation and lack of Spanish still are examples.
I’m not sure we will ever see any sort of supporting functions for “smaller” (as measured by market share of the game for those customer bases) languages. The fact that CCP fired their German (CCP Shadowcat) and Russian (CCP Leloo) community liasons along with most of the rest of their community team does not bode well for any language support.

I know it could be too much programming work, but why can’t CCP make localization a customizable part of the game and let player communities make their own localization package?

One of the possible answers is that they want to control how the game looks and sounds. A community can make a localization package that names missiles “■■■■■■■ tiny penis missile” for example, full of swear words for everything.

No. Unfortunately the CCP does not allow this. If I had allowed it, I would have already started to work for it.

That’s why I’m here and I wanted to keep up with the time of this game.

  • There is no Japanese language in the vote, but there is a Chinese language.
  • In the globalizing world, every new electrical item comes out in every country in its own language. Since 2003, this time CCP has not yet taken a definite step in this matter.
    -Maybe if this matter gets the necessary support, it’s going to take a step.

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