Add Spanish version

Hey guys, I’m making this topic just to discuss the adittion of Spanish into the game, since it could expand the community and the amount of players drasticly, considering the huge amount of hispanic people that actually would like to play the game, but is not able to, due to the lack of a Spanish translation of the game.
I’m making this, because I have a lot of hispanic friends that would like to play this game, but present the previously presented issue.
Since I presume this topic have already been treated, I would like to hear opinions from the community, and if there’s any reason to not do this, I would like to know it too.
Leave your opinions people :smiley:

Just an observation, some of the French communities in Eve conduct their day to day operations in French but prefer to use the English client. So they refer to Eve concepts and lingo using their English terms from the Eve client but otherwise use French. You could consider doing something similar with your friends in Spanish.

The problem with this, remains in their almost unexistant knowledge of the language.
And when I mean inexistant, I mean they don’t even know wtf does hello means.

Just to be clear, what I’m about to say here is not a statement from CCP, the CSM do not and should not speak for them.

Localization is both difficult and time consuming on an ongoing basis.

You can’t just translate the client, you have to provide support in that language as well. And every time there’s an update, that needs to be translated too. And communications. The translation can’t be a literal translation via google translate, it needs to be done by someone who understands the game. So it’s consistent, and actually makes sense.

You may have seen the complaints from the Russian community about their localization, or from the Japanese contingent, about how their localized version has gone away.

I’m sure CCP would like to have a localized version, in all the major languages of the world. But they have to balance the effort involved, against the benefit the company would see. (Like it or not, companies exist to make money. Even if it’s just to pay their employees, and keep the lights on)

It’s not a topic the CSM are ignoring. It’s been brought up pretty consistently for the last 5 years at least. (by different members) It will continue to be brought up.

You’re not being ignored out of hand.


Men i truly understand that one.
But Spain, Center America and South America are prety big markets too and we are speaking of more tan 20k of users that let the game down in a sort of protest or beacuse do not understand english.
Spain had a prety big game comunity, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Bolivia and Chile too. Mexico have a lot of players and they are whiling tho spend the money.
So why CCP let the ball drop and loose those markets to shitty lowborn clones or copys?

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