Eve Online In Spanish/Español


I think it is time to invest time to create/write Eve Online in other languages like Spanish.

What do you think ?

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I’m Spanish from Spain I say NO!

Reason? Well, wich language? Spanish from Spain or from America? And wich from America? Not only words are diferent, phrases and expresion are very diferent even between America’s Spanish countrys. I work with Chilean people and I have problems understanding them…

Just an example, The Simpsons -> Homer(Official Name, including in Spain) and Homero(Name in South America) and this has a war by it self.

So in conclusion, there are going to be more problems than solutions with the Translation. And a lot of people are not going to use a Translation they dont like For example, in my case I’ll want Spanish from Spain the same as I want Homer and not Homero and if is a “Homero” translation I’m not going to use it.

Edit: Or 2 translations? No please, to much effort.

Solo digo que si agregan mas idiomas al juegos entrarian mas jugadores de otros lugares incluyendo españoles. Y si, es dificil entender a los Chilenos XD.

CCP should let the community make their own unofficial translations of the game. This translations have to show the UNOFFICIAL word in every menu (in capitals) so CCP can continue without oficially suporting our language.

Free and profitable: like an alpha clone scamming in Jita local.

I’ve got a feeling that would only create additional language barriers.

How would this translated version handle things like official names? Ships, modules, even factions. All of those have English words all over the place. - Would Spanish players end up flying through the “Nueva Caldari” system, while the rest of us fly through “New Caldari”? Would the Spanish player-base end up developing their own short-hand syntax for modules and ships, decoupling them completely from the rest of the players?

Unless Spanish players are planning to play exclusively with other Spanish players, they’ll eventually have to use English one way or another. Better to just have everybody start out there.

God these threads are tired.

CCP is well aware of the market and the people in it. Should they feel that adding language support for a language would bring in more revenue than it costs they will add it.

entonces por hay otros odiomas como el japones el fraces, si no querias barreras de primera el juego estaria en un solo odioma, ojala lo traduscan al español, todos los juegos tienen nombres propios de cuidades, item, armas y sin embargo estan traducidas al español y nadie ah muerto

Thank you. That demonstrated my point very well.

As for whatever point you were trying to make, I wish I could reply, but I didn’t understand a single word.

Dont worry, I also have problems understanding him.

A good example of the “your spanish is not my spanish” thing.

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