Spanish language option in the game

I used the google translator and the post is not understood, I saw some videos about the eve game online and I found it interesting, but when I downloaded it and created the account, the character, etc. I saw there was no option for Spanish, I saw the comments on the post, some referring to why not learn English, I am not going to enter into discussion whether or not it is valid to learn it, since that requires investment of time and others, which I can’t do it at the moment. I saw that the game has 5 languages, why not put the option of the Spanish language since the community is large with people who also like this type of game and even more so in Latin America. I make this recommendation since it is too difficult for me to function in the game because I do not understand very well most of the explanatory texts to be able to function and the truth is quite stressful to be using the translator at all times, when I do not understand a word or phrase … And it is a problem that every person in Latin America encounters and that is the majority of the habitual players of online games, greetings. bye Bye.

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Yes, the game client in Spanish is something many have talked about wanting before. I think it should have been done (and several other languages) at least 15+ years ago using volunteers, but of course I didn’t run ccp. ccp has for reasons I don’t understand never used all the amazing talents that would have been offered to EvE free in many areas by it’s dedicated playerbase. Now it is too late I think.

Although there are many people who speak Spanish first, evidently ccp has decided not enough of them are their customers or potential customers to justify them making a Spanish game client.

I suppose just think of it as an opportunity to learn a “trade language” we can all use to communicate with each other. Or German. Or Russian. Or French. Korean…

Issue is those volunteers would need to keep updating things, and they would need to be the GM’s that supported players in that language, the forum moderators to handle the forum posts in that language

These are the reasons CCP don’t have every single language supported, keeping the translations up to date and having the support staff on hand for what would likely amount to a fairly small percentage of the player base is not really cost effective, especially if you’re doing it for 15 languages

Its not only about the game client :slight_smile:


How large or small the community of people speaking a particular language in the real world is is irrelevant. CCP needs to make a financial calculation on how much money they’d need to create a fully translated version of EVE in Spanish, vs how much money they might potentially lose from Spanish speaking customers who won’t play EVE.

Clearly, CCP has calculated that it would cost them more translating the game than it would in losses, so they won’t do it.

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Not to mention finding volunteers who can fluently, translate and keep it translated with new patches etc.

All localizations are supported by volunteer staff; the best way to get a localization to happen is build a community if volunteers who are native to the language in question.

Apply to volunteer here:

The LOC team provides volunteer support for the EVE Online localization department across various community projects. If you are a linguist or a communicator at heart and want to make EVE Online more accessible to players in your language, please apply here!


Err… Greeting from Brasil.
No, the lack of a Spanish client don’t affect us.
BTW, are we even latinoamericanos?

Anyway, as other pointed, not likely to happen anytime soon. My suggestion is to try to find a corp or group that can comunicate with you in Spanish and help to learn the game.

é nois

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Well, my thoughts are divided here.
On the one hand, I am a yanqui living in Argentina. On the other hand, I am an EFL instructor…

And did a Brazilian seriously question whether Brazilians are Latin American or not? That’s the silliest thing I have heard in a long time. Hello, MERCOSUR???

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Yes, you’re right. That is a valid response, no argument.

gracias hermano
btw pele > maradona S3

This isn’t the place for RL politics, but the fact that we are having this discussion is a GOOD EXAMPLE of why South America is still divided, poor, and weak. We focus on the differences between us more than what we have in common, and so we remain a playground for neo-colonialist powers. This must stop.


dude im just having a good time here
we are grumpy old neighbours after all

How you dare to suppose I’m serious? :crazy_face:

Surprisingly, there are plenty of people in latinamerica, including Brasil, that don’t consider us latinos. :woman_shrugging:

So pick another word that you like better. The word doesn’t matter. What matters is that all of us on this continent stop pimping and pandering to the big international mega-corporations, stop cooperating in the CIA-sponsored regime change operations, and learn to work together.

P.S. …and stop voting for cipayos like Macri and Bolsonaro


ok but lets call it south america

but…isn’t a Pele vs Maradona subject almost a religious discussion? :wink:


I have no problems with the word. Just find amusing that there is this “polemic”.

Not almost, the exact thing.

They. Have. A. Effin. French. Client.

Which accidentally was launched while the person in charge of localisation was a French lady.

“Making sense” is a very optional thing with CCP…