Spanish language option in the game

French is also one of the standard translations when it comes to video games, along with the likes of German, so finding staff who speak those languages is far more common, Spanish just isn’t as big of a deal when you’re talking about smaller studios

c’est la vie mon chouchou

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They spent what seemed like an entire development cycle on localization a few years ago and didn’t do SPANISH?

They even did a localization for AUS … :joy: Announcing a new Localization! | EVE Online check the date before replying, plz.

Is there an adult at CCP? Like… an adult capable of at least a shred of logical, coherent, rational, intelligent thought???

Just call it ‘Fútbol Online’… They’ll play.

They didn’t They made Korean and updated Japan localization to please they asian overlords. Which wasn’t bad since before, at around DT EVE was wasteland and now you can’t tell difference in time zones prime time. But still they seams to not care about that for all those years before acquisition

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