Knowing that there are a large number of Spanish speakers in worldwide and being one of the most widely spoken languages, I suggest that it need to be translated to Spanish

Dado que hay una gran cantidad de hispanoparlantes en todo el mundo y siendo una de las lenguas más habladas, sugiero que se traduzca al español



Which languages does Eve support? It seems like Spanish would be one of the first ones they would have added.

No entiendo de lo que habla usted, pero ciertamente apoyo su idea.

English, German.Japanese, Russian. Korean. French

Japanese localisation has been dropped afaik.

German? How many Germans are there that don’t speak English?

While it’s taught in school and many Germans have experience of dealing with American and British troops, around 35-40% of Germans speak little or no English; more so among those who were educated in the former DDR.

Interesting. I guess I haven’t spent enough time in the countryside. I learned German in school, only to discover that everybody I met that spoke German also spoke perfect English. I need to meet more people, I guess.

I’m an army brat and lived there for years, in the cities and towns, especially those that were garrisoned, most Germans will have at least a basic command of English. Once you get out in the styx fewer people speak it unless it’s a touristy area, not through lack of knowledge but lack of practice in most cases.

In what used to be East Germany the locals had a lot less exposure to English and many of the older generations speak virtually none at all.

Like anything, lack of use can turn language skills rusty. I used to speak fluent German but now speak just enough to make myself understood, having to rely on google translate for everything else.

Localization is more to CCP than a one-time effort; they need to retain bilingual GM’s to process support tickets.

I am russian, but I use an eng client :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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