Translate to Spanish

Hey guys its me.

Would you imagine taking out google translator each time you play a video game?.. Heck no.

I remember starting playing eve without knowing what was going on, this game was so advanced for me and i thought i was an experienced videogame player. I knew this game would take some time to learn. It took me a while to understand orders from fc’s like the aling, approach, orbit, and the eve language and there’s people actually having this problems.

I had to buy plex to start the game and i was loosing tons of real money because i didn’t understand it at all and I quit, to later buy a $ 1500 dollars worth of plex to buy this account. I wouldn’t have done if it in first place there would be spanish guys in local or guys ready to help me in the npc corp channel to help me in my new adventure and thats the huge problem of eve… the lack of spanish players in the game.

Translating part or the game would help to bring new players and increase the spanish player base. This change will bring new ways of playing and knowledge on how to play this game in a huge, huge way and of course more income for you guys.

It would be amazing if you guys could just start from the market changing it to spanish and some monuments or even the warp active to ‘Warpdrive activado’ with that amazing voice, same as for the autopilot. We don’t ask you to translate each information of the game but it would be wise to start just from the market and some Aura commands.

Thanks guys, fly safe o7

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