How come the game was translated to Korean and Japanese, but not Spanish?

The amount of spanish speaking gamers world around is gigantic, it makes no sense to translate the game to these two languages and not spanish… and Japan doesn’t even have many PC gamers, in Korea they play very select games.


The investors that own CCP, Pearl Abyss is Korean.

Lack of competent translators for EVE I think was one issue. I believe they have dedicated translators either as volunteers or as staff to keep up with the different localizations currently supported.


For how many years it has been the rule to release games in spanish? there’s extremely competent english to spanish translators out there that have worked on maybe hundreds of triple A titles.

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I’m going to copy something that has been posted several times on this issue

As stated in the previous thread, the best thing you can do is apply to become ISD and see if you can develop enough momentum within the CCP Community Team to open a Spanish forum category, which would only happen if enough ISDs are available and fully qualified who speak Spanish. This is why I tagged ISD Dorrim Barstorlode.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode @ISD_Buldath

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It may also be due to how little English Japanese and Koreans speak.

Many Spanish speaking people can competently play a game in English, but this isn’t the same case for our Asian friends.

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Maybe, but I still don’t see why not translate the game to spanish.

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Well, it seems to me like they should localize the game for spanish speakers, but there are probably a lot of factors that goes into it other than speaker population i.e. (1) the spanish speaking world might not be big into MMO’s (idk), (2) a large portion of the spanish speaking world might be comfortable enough with english that they can already play english games without too much hassle, or (3) it can boil down to how difficult it is to “understand” a foreign language based upon your native language. For example, my proficiency with russian is limited to about a dozen phrases and curse words, but I know for a fact that I can play a game (an ARPG to be specific) in Russian without too much difficulty (and Russian uses a quite different alphabet). Of course, I don’t know what’s going on story wise, but I can figure out all the mechanics/item characteristics/whatnot with a little bit of effort and the aid of google translate. On the other hand, I’d probably be be completely lost if I tried to play a game in Mandarin or something. Long story short, translating the game into Spanish might not bring in as many new players as you would think. All of that being said, there are so many Spanish speaking people in the world, and it is such a widely spoken language, I find it hard to believe that it’s not worth the effort.

Rule? In Iceland? (CCP games, makers of EvE Online) In Korea? (home of Pearl Abyss Games, who own CCP) Probably never.

Guess that answers why a Korean language client, eh?
Why a Japanese client? Perhaps CCP or PA estimates they have or will have more Japanese-speaking customers than Spanish-speaking ones, we don’t know…
Personally, I think there should have been an EvE client in Spanish many years ago, but of course I am not in control of CCP (or there would be some different things being done)
que será, será

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If you use the search option of the forums and just search “spanish” you’ll see most topics only reach less than 50 posts with the same thing overall mentioned in every one of them.

Apply to be a volunteer ISD to translate the game, and continue to translate it as it updates.

AFAIK the Japanese localisation is no more.

With reference to Spanish at minimum there would have to be 2 localisations, one for European Spanish and another for Latin American Spanish; technically they’re the same language but the local variations are quite different due to divergence over time.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: The localization they released just last December? You know, the one with the celebration campaign in January for ‘United Eden’?


I was :thinking: they just released the Japanese localization not long ago

I thought they dropped it a while back, looks like they brought it back.

Edit: They dropped it in 2017, but have since resurrected it.

They did add japanese to the forums too

Reeee because you go to school to learn english you nerdy.

How could you translate the game orders given by an fc on a fleet? Its imposible. It’s not necessary because there’s not such a thing like an linear history in the game. CCP would just translate the market but not the complete game.

Yeah, it feels like if the ‘spanish speaker’ is not important in the game. Racism its how its called in other countries.

at first i was like
its not translated to spanish because they want people to communicate in english because of the corps
now i think they just don’t like the JAJAJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJA

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As has been explained in several other such threads in the last year: localizations of the game are not ‘one and done’ efforts. CCP has to have a dedicated bilingual support staff for each localization, including ISD members for language-specific forum sections, GMs for Rookie/Help Chat and New Player Experience support, and translators for new in-game content (from UI elements like settings menus to mission agent scripts, NPC call-outs in local, the Agency interface, all the various windows, and so on).

Direct quote from @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode:

It never hurts to apply at if you have language skills. More than one team could use them. :slight_smile:

Encourage English/Spanish fluent players to apply to the CCL (community liasons like ISD), STAR (player support like GMs) and LOC (localization effort) programs. The first stepping stone is generally getting a couple ISD members who can moderate a language-specific sub-forum; after that proves out and some GMs are brought on, we might get a language-specific help chat in-game. Only after both of those are sustainable are we likely to see any traction on a full-game localization (due to sheer effort required to create and maintain the localization).

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If i had to guess, because Echoes exists, the mobile market in Japan is absolutely massive, and seeing as translation work will have to be done for Echoes it makes sense to just release that same translation in the mainline client while doing the minor amount of work to translate anything missing from Echoes

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Hey guys its me.

Would you imagine taking out google translator each time you play a video game?.. Heck no.

I remember starting playing eve without knowing what was going on, this game was so advanced for me and i thought i was an experienced videogame player. I knew this game would take some time to learn. It took me a while to understand orders from fc’s like the aling, approach, orbit, and the eve language and there’s people actually having this problems.

I had to buy plex to start the game and i was loosing tons of real money because i didn’t understand it at all and I quit, to later buy a $ 1500 dollars worth of plex to buy this account. I wouldn’t have done if it in first place there would be spanish guys in local or guys ready to help me in the npc corp channel to help me in my new adventure and thats the huge problem of eve… the lack of spanish players in the game.

Translating part or the game would help to bring new players and increase the spanish player base. This change will bring new ways of playing and knowledge on how to play this game in a huge, huge way and of course more income for you guys.

It would be amazing if you guys could just start from the market changing it to spanish and some monuments or even the warp active to ‘Warpdrive activado’ with that amazing voice, same as for the autopilot. We don’t ask you to translate each information of the game but it would be wise to start just from the market and some Aura commands.

Thanks guys, fly safe o7

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