Implementation and translator within the game

I like to present two points so that we Spaniards are somewhat benefited because the Spanish community still has rights and pays for the game

We ask to implement the Spanish language to the EVE online or the implementation of an in-game translator that is in charge of giving appropriate results to what the community asks for.

We ask that in the forum that a topic not be blocked or closed just for speaking in Spanish, and that these measures be discarded and replaced with Spanish-speaking moderators.

This has been proposed numerous times before in the past. It has been repeatedly rejected and is highly unlikely to be implemented by CCP.

Here is one of the more recent threads.

I don’t represent the community, but I will try if we still come to an agreement that works for all of us.

As stated in the previous thread, the best thing you can do is apply to become ISD and see if you can develop enough momentum within the CCP Community Team to open a Spanish forum category, which would only happen if enough ISDs are available and fully qualified who speak Spanish. This is why I tagged ISD Dorrim Barstorlode.

Apply here:

Also, see what Barstorlode says when he replies in the other thread.

Hey, I really appreciate the help you have given me

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Or put you name in for a CSM position. That will get you right in the room with the devs (who have the last word on this kind of stuff).

The CSM elections should be coming up soon, I think.

@Foggy_Bernstein I’m afraid not per discussion:

Plus, ISD is where the power is when it comes to creating Spanish Subforums

Well, I guess that pretty much answers that, then.

You do not have any rights but what you pay for: access to the game.

You do not speak for “we”.

You break the rules you’ll get punished. Be gone now.

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People from other countries also pay for the game but don’t get their own language. Stop thinking you’re special, stop trying to segregate yourself from the rest.

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I’ll look into seeing what we can do, but my spanish is pretty not great.

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Why not Mandarin/Cantonese speaking moderators?
Why not Russian speaking moderators?
Why not Japanese speaking moderators?


Acht Gaeilge Andis!


It is estimated that there are more than 437 million people who speak Spanish as a native language

Spanish is the third most used language on the internet after English and Chinese.
Instituto Cervantes claims that there are an estimated 477 million Spanish speakers with native competence and 572 million Spanish speakers as a first or second language—including speakers with limited competence.


But when you “accuse” people from South America of speaking Spanish they say their language is quite different. Funny that.

I know, but they could just go with spanish and mexican spanish. Like the WoW did it. Or go with one of those depending how many people play from there.

Spanish speakers will be mostly able to understand each other, like in english, if you don’t go deep into slang words.


I think it also has to do with having a dedicated team to fully translate the game among other stuff to potentially make Spanish a official language like German. Heck Korea doesn’t have their own forum space and iirc, they are official language as well.

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As CCP is owned by a Korean company that’s hardly surprising.

Here no one has segregated and no one feels special but if you take it this way I will tell you that you are wrong

I thank you anyway for stopping by here because it is finally a topic that can be talked about like many others and our point of view is different