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I am a Luxio rhapsody player with less than 1 year of experience, what I am looking for is to unite the Spanish-speaking community, give them the opportunity to make clear decisions and put an end to the conflicts and indecision that take so long to resolve to create one more united because we are brothers of the Spanish language affiliated to the ISKDA corporation

Soy un jugador llamado Luxio rhapsody con menos de 1 año de experiencia, lo que estoy buscando es unir a la comunidad de habla hispana, darles la oportunidad de tomar decisiones claras y poner fin a los conflictos e indecisiones que tardan tanto en resolverse para crear una más unida porque somos hermanos de la lengua española afiliado a la corporacion ISKDA

Why does such a young player want to be part of the candidacy?
What I am looking for is to unite the Spanish community which have not been taken into account as it should and I wish to be the voice that allows them to reach the moderators

¿Por que un jugador tan joven quiere ser parte de la candidatura?
yo lo que busco es unir a la comunidad española la cual no se han tomado en cuenta como debería y deseo ser la voz que les permita llegar a los moderadores

I will start streaming that are delivered through the game chat to give an idea of ​​my proposals so that they know what I am looking for and it is very easy to guess a united Hispanic community

Yo comenzaré a hacer streaming que se entregan por el chat del juego para dar una idea mis propuestas para que vayan conociendo lo que busco y es muy sencillo adivinar lo que seria una comunidad hispana unida

It is already too late to apply to CSM15.

And nobody is going to vote for someone who’s primary platform is unite a language community - the goal of CSM is to enhance the game, not promote a demographic. If you want to promote a demographic, apply to become an ISD and petition for a Spanish subcategory of the forum to be opened.

CSM also demands EXTENSIVE knowledge and experience in EVE. Nobody is going to be elected who has neither.

I understand your comment and will take it into account

there is no “taking into account” if you wanna run for CSM you gotta wait until next year. thanks for playing.

I will try hard and take that opportunity

Here is your forum activity:

This is one of the things people consider when they evaluate a candidate they never heard of: their knowledge, experience, leadership ability, ability to come up with good ideas, etc are reflected in their forum interactions. Develop a reputation in the EVE community both in-game and in the forums before applying to CSM. It will take more than one year. It will take more than two. It will probably take more than three.

Sorry to break it to you but the above comments are correct. The candidates for the CSM15 election have been processed, as you can see by the candidates page I encourage you to refine your platform and start planning for the CSM16 election in a years time.

I hope that you do apply then and look forward to seeing you try. Until then watching this election and learning what a platform is, who votes and why should be very handy for futures tries.

Best of Luck


I appreciate your comment and if I want to try it, since I want to help us have a better community, that is my personal approach and give them the opportunity to at least open in the forums the opportunity to avoid the closure of Spanish forums.

The ideas I will begin to expose them in the forums, the experience with the years and but I will give my best effort to excel even more

There is no Spanish subforum category. There’s Russian, French, and German. If I had to guess, I’d think the reason why there is no Spanish subforum is because there is no senior ISD member who is fluent in Spanish who could oversee enlisting other junior/volunteer ISD members to perform their duties properly in that language. Perhaps Vice Admiral Batman @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode could explain why there are no Spanish subforums.

So implementing a translator within the game will exchange and improve the game much more since we are not Spanish murmurs, we are Chinese among others and I already explained this idea in a general forum

No, it won’t. See what I just replied in the topic you just created.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode excuse me could I close the thread and put a flag on it and won’t let me join volunteers for transgressing


Closed via polite request.

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