Afropty for CSM XIII

(Afropty) #1

Hello, my name is Afropty im a candidate for CSM XIII.
Eve online is an incredible game.
I would like to improve the game for non-English speaking players, same as last year. I have come to realize that there are many others like me who don’t speak English as primarily, which is cool because we have a diversity of people.
Together we can help improve the EVE online experience.


*** Changes in the logistics involvement**

  1. Have you ever ask this question? dude where is my contract? well, in general, it would be a great idea if the player can track where is the contract % completion, region, constellation, system and at some point it will be more easy to see where is the JF and get more content.
  2. Create an advanced skill for reducing the isotopes consumption, in general for all capitals. Right now we have one, but what about to have one named like “Advanced fuel consumption”.
  3. Remove the restriction cargo container on the courier contract.

*** Language improvement**

*** Coalition Structure Use**

  1. I hear so many times why can´t use that bridge? well, I think when EVE started we all talking about alliances, but now we are talking about Coalitions.
    The idea is creating Coalitions structures so all member of the Coalitions will be available to use it.
    It means to create a new chat named Coalition, new color dark blue for example.

*** Third-party Applications**

  1. Battle report ingame.

(Yossarian Yassavi) #2

1st! As a Bilingual player myself, I absolutly agree with Afropty’s platform of increased support for players who speak neglected languages.

(commander aze) #3

Ok going to need to define bullet points 1 thru 4

(Juvenius Drakonius) #4

Yo soy Hispano y apoyo a Afropty #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(khaldrogar Salazzar) #5

Un Argentino por aqui!! Todo mi apollo a Afropty #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(Fabrizz Adama) #6

Yo soy Hispano y apoyo a Afropty

(Ana II Madullier) #7

Yo también soy hispano apoyo la idea de la traducción. #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(Romulus Fenix) #8

Aqui otro Argentino y mi apoyo a Afropty #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(Benji Recon) #9

Todo el apoyo de la comunidad hispano parlante.

(bardack Shiyurida) #10

Yo igual quiero Eve en español 7-7r
Órale vato xd

(Nereida Trafalgar Gomez) #11

Sera un honor para esta sierva del imperio amar tener un representante de la hispanidad en Eve. #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(Renderot Caintic) #12

Yo soy Hispano y apoyo a Afropty #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(Luis Sparda) #13

Soy hispano hablante y te apoyamos con fuerza Afropty #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(Stemis String) #14

Afropty cuenta con mi voto hermano

(Simple Mintchildren) #15

Vamos con todo!!!

(Lolindir Numennesse) #16

Apoyo total #QuieroEVEenEspañol

(Hikryon) #17

Do you can explain a bit this points? Actual status and your ideas for improve this areas?


(Afropty) #18

Hey i edited the post so you can see it now… sorry for not answer in time.

(Malsandar Boirelle) #19

Viejo, tienes mi voto podríamos organizar un asado para la gente que vive en Chile para promocionar tu candidatura, ajjaja. Saludos o/

(Afropty) #20

Good idea :stuck_out_tongue: