[Proposal] User made language pack

Dear CSM sir

I propose that User playing EVE without official language support be allowed to make language pack for themselves.

I’m currently playing EVE in Korea and I’ve been heard a lot of times from Koreans that they’ll start to play EVE if they support Korean language ingame.

I’ve heard that Some Koreans has made Korean language pack for Elder scroll online with only users just a few weeks ago.

I was only asking CCP to make official language pack, but after watching that news, It comes to mind that I and other Korean players must have the ability to make Korean language pack for EVE with only ourselves too.

If CCP allows us to make it, It’ll give benefits to both sides, Koreans and CCP.

Koreans will have more great Korean EVE player pool and will be able to savour EVE better. hence CCP will be able to get more players.

I don’t doubt that We also can make it like all the other examples.

Thank you

With best regards
Mirae asset

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This is something that has been pitched multiple times to CCP (esp. in regard to the Japanese discontinuation) and in general the problem is with ensuring that any technical limitations are done and more importantly that it’s well maintained. It can give a really bad impression if things are left untranslated/incorrectly translated/not updated etc. over time, and as they are the first party responsible for maaking sure their game is playable, I can understand their hesitance.

Still, in general I do thing we should be working towards increasing the number of different languages EVE supports, and something like this would go a long way, it’s just a matter of thinking of a system that works without putting the onus on CCP and not misrepresenting the product to players. A “3rd Party Language Framework” would be an option, but it’d be likely a lot of work for CCP to create technically in the first place.

Appreciate your thoughts and dedication to trying to make the game a better place however.

Also, as a side-note, proposals in general shouldn’t be placed on the CSM forums - those are intended to go in the Features and Ideas subforum, but I felt I should at least give this a proper response as it was directed at us for a specific reason.

몸 건강해 - Jin’taan

I thought this would be likely to happen.

When I just started to play EVE, there’s been a rumor that some Korean player got files to make language pack from CCP but afterward, he disappeared without any reasonable reason. So the project just went up in smoke.

At this chance, I’d like to proceed this thing with my friends and also with other Koreans to make it out.

In whatever ways, I hope we can have Korean language pack sooner or later for everyone

Thank you so much Jin’taan

With best regards
Mirae asset

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