To developer of eve(Arabic language)

hello all brothers and sisters .
we are groupe of arab players we find it difficult to understand the game, especially since it is not in the Arabic language And many Arab players leave the game after two or three days because the Arabic language does not exist For this we ask dear developers to add our arabic lunguage to eve like rest of language
Sorry if there is a mistake in my English


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Yes, EvE in more languages is something many players have wanted for a long time. Right now I think the EvE client is available in English, Russian, Chinese, German, Korean, French, and Japanese. CCP seems to have the EvE client in the languages of it’s largest customer groups.

On the positive side, it helps one practice English language! :slight_smile:

If your well versed in english you could offer your translation service, as a volunteer, to translate client in the Arabic language. It still doesn’t give guaranties that it’s going to happen; if it’s going to happen at all there needs to be a constant effort to keep the translation updated with all the changes happening too (patches, fixes etc.)

what it boils down to is cost effeciency:

  • Cost of translating the Launcher (?) and Client (as is): Descriptions for Items, NPC Factions, NPC Corporations and so on, Lore texts, Missions etc. etc.
  • (Ongoing) Cost of future patches, fixes and expansions
  • Cost vs Revenue gained; is it even feasible? - I think last time a new localization was suggested it was deemed too costly to do.

their arabs Specialized in translation games to arabic but me i like this game i can help too In translating eve Just send me the words and i will start

I worked at a company where we did a user provided translation for an app. It went quite well.

What we did is we gave them (3 separate clients) all the words and phrases and they did the translations. You need more than one to avoid a lot of mistakes.

Then we had them resolve the differences.

Then we plugged in everything that fit, and had meetings to figure out things that didn’t due to space or context (we had issues with tense, past present future and masculinity)

It was a lot cheaper than hiring someone.

The only problem EVE would have that we didn’t is all the ongoing communitcations, lore and so forth.


bro if they want to add arabic lunguage they can but i think they dont want arabic in thier game or some of that.

oh please, you really want to go there?

As @ISD_Sakimura just explained there is a cost/benefit analysis done for all of these things.

For better or worse given how different Arabic is from English, there is likely a high cost to properly translate the game. Then that has to be offset by the potential market for arabic speaking players.

To support the languages they already support they are already tooled up for this. They already have an ongoing process they are using in every update to translate all the bits and pieces. There is likely a small toolset they use.

Inserting non-employees in one or two steps should not be a big deal really.

Which has nothing to do with the insinuation that ccp has some sort of anti Arabic agenda

their 22 country talk with arabic lanuage so their lots of players and about The cost will not be expensive bcs there will be profit and they can use tools for translation the game .

Ah cool. So you have done the market research to know how many potential players there are who would be playing if only it had arabic localization? And you have experience in translating from english to arabic for a game to know it would not be expensive?

Or you are just a standard forum warrior talking out of your @$$?

I mean this is a game from an icelandic company that didn’t even translate it into their native language. It has a vast number of European players yet only have it translated into German and Russian.

But sure you are the expert in knowing why they aren’t translating into arabic.

Translation can be done by tool or by team specialized in translation and i think the game make money more then they lose and players arabs in eve quit after 3 or 4 days and if you not gm please shut up and let someone khow this things talk to khow what they need to do it xD. i play this game and my right to be my language in it.

Actual data on costs and feasibility or GTFO

Actual data, not just because you said so, or GTFO

I’m free to say whatever I want thanks.

Well that seems to preclude you speaking any further as well it seems.

And btw when you decided to infer that CCP is doing it for some any Arabic reason as you did here:

You basically lost all credibility.

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Go away troll, wtf is with you?

i didint read all what you write but i recommend that ccp send you plex for 1 day
let say this again.
Localization eve can be by team or tools specialized in translation can be full and can be just part of game (translation missions name of ships etc)
so for this be done they need base of players arabs play game like i say their 22 country arab in world this will not be problem.
second if they want to add it they need to win from it (profit)
so dont tell that it hard for company like ccp or they cant do it or some blabla
if they want to do it they can easy.

If they have a large enough player base, they could possibly consider making it an official language… but as mentioned, they don’t even have it localized for their native language either.

not trying to be an asshole, but learn one of the other native languages if you prefer to play EVE. There are groups of players from other countries that play and don’t have a localized language for the game. But they make channels and what not inside the game unofficially to be able to converse with others.

Turkey for example. There are channels for turkish players to chat with their native tongue, but use the english version of the game.

You answered why they have not localized it for their own language yourself.

Arabic around 420 million

Icelandic 350,000

22 country about 500millions arabic not enough players base? and where problem in adding arabic to game ? and if their not lots of things in game we will not say localized for arabic but their lots of keys and things . we dont want full translation just the importans things to players khow it better.

how many people are playing EVE from arab countries??