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Hello. I am from turkey. As you going to see soon my english not that good. But i will try to explain to you something at least with it. My question is ; Since eve online got such a big and massive map; Why is there no place for any other languages like ; Turkish,italiano,spanish,portuguese and arabic? Cause as i see people around me here. Want to play this game badly. But a barrier holding them away; Language. Let them understand game story,missions and menu at least. The language you force them to understand? Yeah they will learn it by time since most of people already need to speak english since its whole worlds mutual language.

There are unofficial groups that use Turkish language, but only several languages (those on this board) are official languages for EVE

Almost every person that doesn’t know english would benefit from learning it.

I understand this sounds harsh, but it’s true. For example, as a software engineer, I can tell you that every programming language I have used has as part of its standard that comments should be written in english.

Between rapidly advancing AIs trained to translate languages and most major “non-english” speaking countries teaching english in their schools, I think this would be wasted development time/effort to start manually supporting more languages than already supported.

Because most business is done in English. The largest market for paying customers will come from English speaking countries.

EVE used to have more supported languages, some years back and some of those you mentioned were among them, as with any game the more localizations (languages) it supports the more employees you’d require and that brings more expenses; so unless customers cough up with the additional money to fund such an endeavor, even more so when it’s a game that is constantly evolving, it’s not likely to happen. The localizations which a game is developed with is dependent on whom the targeted audiences are; in EVE the audience is primarily “Western” as such English is the primary language, internationally speaking the next common language (in the business world) is German.

FYI; Chinese has their own server, if they want to play with the rest of the word they would have to use a VPN connection, or so I’ve read/been told.

I will keep it in mind. Mr.Western Human.

Koreans from PA talked with CCP about adding Korean to the game.

Source CCP Falcon comment:


CCP Games

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We’ve been talking with Pearl Abyss about this recently.

We didn’t have it anywhere in our plans to localise, but one of the biggest things that their staff asked when they found out about the acquisition of CCP was if EVE was available in Korean.

Pearl Abyss have been talking with us about having one of their local vendors translate EVE, then handing us the localised content to put into the client.

Not sure where we currently are with it as I’ve been focused on other things and a little out of the loop about what’s going on with it, but we could possibly see Korean client localisation in 2019.

If we make headway on it, we’ll be sure to blog or release news about it :slight_smile:

Koreanization of game will continue.

Not a word about spanish or turkish or other.

Doesnt have to be. Soon.

The barrier is not language, but their willingness to learn another.

SInce EVE (will) support Chinese and Korean (which implies multi-byte character support), it’s possible a “user translation plugin” is affordable for CCP.

There may be a technical constraint though - if text is currently handled server-side, it may not be practical to provide client-side support for replacement text.

On the other hand, allowing a group of users to provide text to plug into the server requires that CCP check it to make sure nothing offensive has been slipped in, and they also need to protect against the possibility that somebody finds a way to execute game text, and runs malicious code that way.

If I was CCP I would never, under any circumstances, allow user content of any kind on my servers. Client side is safe enough, but may not be affordable.

EVE Online has only ever officially been supported in:

  • EN
  • RU
  • DE
  • JP
  • FR

We’ve tried a little marketing in ES and PT as well, but we’ve never dived into it in terms of official client localization. This is something we may end up looking into in the future though.

Most of our players asking for localization don’t realise the extent we have to go to in order to fully “Support” a language. A few of the basics that are absolute requirements are:

  • An entire term base for EVE Online lexicon in a given language.
  • A full style guide for how we translate into the language.
  • Customer Support staff who are fluent in both English (CCP’s working language) and the language to be supported.
  • A localization vendor that supports the language that can provide translation in a timely manner.

These things all have to be constantly maintained whenever we release something new, or even update text in the EVE Client or on one of our websites.

Localizing into a language is a MASSIVE undertaking.

To give a concrete example, let’s look at Turkey, given that the OP is from Turkey.

I just looked at our user geolocation metrics which are up to date as of today, right now we have 396 customers connecting from Turkey, for a total of 619 accounts.

While we love the fact that we’ve got a small but hardcore following in Turkey, It’s a tiny market for us, so unfortunately it doesn’t make fiscal sense for us to look at localizing into Turkish. This is way below the threshold for us to consider localizing EVE Online.

We need to take into account opportunities for growth in a given language as well as how we plan to market EVE going forward in order for us to decide what languages make sense for localization.

For instance, to give another example, we have more customers in Tokyo alone than we do in the whole of Turkey, but based on the cost for upkeep of Japanese localization versus the number of players there and our plans for marketing, we unfortunately had to discontinue it.

Looking at the graphs over time for users connecting from given locations, I’m actually really happy to see that it hasn’t had that large of an effect on the number of players connecting from Japan - we still have a super healthy hardcore community over there - hopefully some of whom we’ll see at EVE Down Under this year :smiley:

It’d be amazing if we could just localize EVE into every language, but given the size of CCP and the size of the player numbers we’re talking about in certain territories, it’s just not viable for us.

It is however incredible to see the groups that crop up in different locations that help eachother with learning the game in English or another language that’s close to their own :heart:

So yeah, I hope this gives you a little more of an insight into localization and how we choose to do things the way that we do so.


EVE has unofficial language channels available. Here is list of them.

Good post, maybe worth a dev blog.

Can you share how many players from non-english speaking countries with supported languages play in their mother tongue versus playing in english?

I’m German, but never considered playing with a german client, because of communication efficiency. This is different for other single-player games where I enjoy a good localization.

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I don’t have exact figures to hand, but last time I checked it was >60% for all our supported languages if I remember correctly :slight_smile:

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