Eve online is really perfect

The only thing that made the game difficult for me and my friends
Not supporting the language of our country

Maybe it is not important to say that you add a special language like Farsi to the game

But I wish you would add an auto translate system to the game so that the player can translate all the texts of the game into his own language.

This way the game becomes really enjoyable

Thank you for your attention

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How about learning english, chinese, or russian?
Welcome to the world, boundaries are for the small minded that’s the easiest way to overcome borders without travelling (which is more and more forbidden in the modern world).


Maybe you could have said it better

Anyway, thanks for the ineffective comment

Just a reminder, we’re talking about an international MMO. Don’t be lazy, open your mind and learn languages!
I’ve learned english by playing computer games even before I got lessons in school, it’s not that hard.
But on the other hand, it’s the open AI generation - why do anything the hard way if the computer can do it for you? Reading maps, writing essays - obviously old people stuff. But beware: There are many old players here :wink:


You are the first to ask for that language. Spanish had been asked for years before even being put in game (if it is).

Its not as simple as you think for them to add another language. Is there another language currently supported that you know? You may have to learn a new language to be able to play


Due to internet problems
In my country, few people know eve online

I came to the conclusion that I should improve my English

Thank you for your attention

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You could form your own group with your friends.

Doing a quick search it can be seen a YouTube gamer played Eve Online and that channel text looks to be shared with your language.

Reach out to your friends and log in together!

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