Please add Ukrainian and Polish

Dear developers of the EVE-online game, please add Ukrainian and Polish languages to the game. It is a pity that you continue to support the Russian language but do not support Ukrainian. Does the origin of money not matter to you? Please add the Polish language too, this country helps Ukraine a lot. Alternatively, you can embed a translator in the chat so that people from different countries can read and respond to each other in their native language, especially now artificial intelligence, for example, Chat GPT, translates very well and understandably. But it would be ideal if the translation can be enabled in the game itself and it will be literally on the fly, without the need to switch between the game and the browser. Ukrainian and Polish languages, please add at a basic level, and not through a translator, as you did for the Russian language.
Thank you.

Volunteer to translate the game and keep translating it.

They rely on volunteers for different aspects of the game.

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I now live in Poland and work as a doctor on a limited right and I am preparing to pass the nostrification exam, since Ukrainian diplomas are not recognized anywhere in the world. I work a lot, sometimes I just have time to relax and play some EVE-online. Plus regular Polish courses… I can try to help when I have time, but until I have passed all the exams, there will most likely be very little time, since you have to repeat everything that you learned at the university and also relearn in Polish …

It costs lots of money to translate, i mean look how long it took to get spanish on here. Had to get enough volunteers and they had the demand for it.

Any translator translates from Russian into Ukrainian almost without errors the first time. I understand that even the majority of the inhabitants of Ukraine speak Russian, thanks to the centuries-old occupation policy of Russia. Translation into Ukrainian, in my opinion, is more of a strong-willed decision and a necessity, like developer support. It can be more difficult with Polish, but I think here the developer is simply losing a huge potential audience…

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Oh, Ukraine doesn’t need doctors now? Ok…

Russian has been one of the supported languages in EvE so long simply because Russians have been a large part of their customer base for a long time. That’s it.

Your AI translator idea is good, IMO…but as you obviously realize…would negate any need to have a Ukrainian language in the EvE client.

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