Supporting Arabic languge


There is a lack of Arab in EVE online and i think the main issue is the ability to write in Arabic.
Incloding the game has no advertisment in Arab community.

Any way the Writing in Arabic is not correct in Chatt windows in EVE at all.
But the writing in this forum is perfect.
If i want to do so i need to use Third party app to convert the sentence so
it show up correct inside the game so i paste it.

Not sure if it is in right section to post this But i hope it attract some attention.


Perhaps making and Arab version will bring more players in from the Arab communities. New players from new lands always generates new content.


Yeah i agree with that.

The quistion can we see that soon ?

Eve has 7500 systems and all of that need to be filld aproxmitly with 20 ppl in it :slight_smile:


If possible, I agree

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The game has languages for Russian, Japanese, French ,etc so all it would really take would be to set a language translator program to read everything in Arabic which would include markets, gates, systems, item names, etc.

It would be a really good way to branch out and extend a hand to the Arabians to say “Come, play Pew Pew Ships with us and have fun.”

Diplomacy through mutual game associations is good diplomacy.

I would even go so far as to say that the Arabic community could bring new designs for ships once mingling with the Amarr and Gallente took place.

Eve is getting a new chat client later this month. It may offer better support for other alphabets.

I don’t expect to see any new localizations - simply too much work to maintain until machine translations are good enough to do the job - and they have improved dramatically so that may not be too far in the future.

OFC we want a full supporte of the Arabic languge.

But as start Chatting is easy way to communicate with the others that need to be available.

I remeber the first time i joind eve i have poor English and poor way to communicate

with others .

But with time My self get improved.

Me I am welling to share my knowldge to the new commers.

I need those tools to provide that like Supporting the languge and to make recruitment

channel for them aslo.

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I was watching a Russian PvP video and and everything was in Russian to its possible to convert the audio and texts to Arab.

The question would be important to CCP in my opinion is; how many Arabs would come and play and enjoy Eve Online if the language was Arab friendly? Numbers are important to CCP.

I would take a survey of those who like space games in general where you live and on the internet to determine how many play Eve Online if an Arab language was available.

Present it too CCP and go from there.

Before three years i remeber i had in my contact around 80 of them as char Numbers.
That who i met in eve.

OFC they are more.

So i am saying there is more of them that will join and more who need to be discoverd.

After this update still no supporte for Arabic Languge to be writen
in correct shape.

i agree, we deserve the support of Arabic language like any other language. But for starters, fix the way the Arabic letters are written. +1

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BTW i like the tring to distribute this game and to advertise it.

EVE still dose not supporte at least Writing correctly for Arabic languge.

I endorse the possibility to write in as many tongues as possible, but the reality is that you’d better off writing and reading in English: the best learning sources and tools are in this tongue.

it is good to have more than one language but it is must be considerd
to supporte Arabic for more incomer.

Eve has player that speak Russian or german but some of them can not
understand english.

I agree with that

Maybe you could help Eve along and write the language in Arabic correctly such as the module names, station names, etc. Get a group of your Arab buddies together and write the on screen message out in Arabic and then submit it to Eve Online

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Maybe CCP could release an Arab version for the Middle East like CCP did in China. The Arab version of Eve Online would only be accessible to Arab countries just like it is in China if the Middle East feels that interactions with other nations might tarnish their traditions.

I do not think makeing a hole server for it is a good idea.

because we are in middle between Asia and Amirca so we are not diffrint than europe.

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