Portuguese-br full game translation

Please, could you forward this to Eve’s CEO?

Greetings. I’ve been playing eve for a few months, and i’ve noticed that there are 4 main languages in which the game has been translated.

As an English Teacher myself and business administrator, I couldn’t help but come here, and ask you, if you would be willing to give a Portuguese translation (BR) to your game, due to the large gaming community that sits on Brasil.

If you think it might work, get in touch, so we can work together. I can do that with extreme accuracy. You are losing MILLIONS of Dollars due to Brasilian players who lack of understanding on any of the 4 available languages. It’s a win-win situation. Any business administrator that doesn’t agree with this should immediately get fired. You have a growing gaming community with more than 90 million players who you could benefit from.

I will stress one more time. It’s a huge mistake to ignore this fact. I am just helping you making some more millions of bucks. (Obviously i would get a slice, but we’ll surely discuss that later).


Gabriel Martinez - English Teacher - Business Administrator - Entrepreneur

Edit: Please don’t add personal contact info ever, it just won’t end well. Removed for your personal safety and sanity. Assuming you provided CCP with your correct contract info when you created your account they can contact you should they chose too. - Regards ISD Stall

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CCP is the one that determines which languages they support. So far, they havent chosen to support any other languages than the 4 they do now. Also, supplying your personal information on game forums is a BAD idea, not specifically because it’s unsolicited, but because if CCP even decided to support Portugese as a game language, they’re unlikely to choose some rando off the forums. They’re going to hire professional translators.


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