Localization and forum areas for Portuguese and Spanish speakers?

I notice that EVE Online keeps shutting the door in the faces of those that speak Spanish or Portuguese as their primary language. We have French, German and Russian sections of the forums, so why not these others?

The game itself even has help channels for Korean and Japanese speakers, yet nothing for Spanish or Portuguese. Is CCP simply against any Latin American, Spanish or Portuguese participation in any way?

I seriously doubt that they’re against more customers, no matter what language they speak. Of course, I have no idea why they haven’t localized Spanish, as widely as it is spoken.

Anyway, you might consider starting a Spanish and/or Portuguese speaking help channel. Link corp ads to Spanish speaking corps, answer questions, maybe provide a translation of key words, and all that. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a good way to find open chat channels. There’s no search, no way to advertise, no master list, nothing. All we have is word of mouth and spamming local.

No. There are Spanish and Portuguese-speaking corporations and players all over EvE. If ccp somehow didn’t want them to participate…they probably wouldn’t let that be, hmm?

I think there should have been an EvE client in both Spanish and Portuguese (and other languages) long ago…but there obviously isn’t…Que Sera Sera… On the bright side it makes for a good English practice! :slight_smile:

NO go away

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