Language translator in chat

Self explanatory. Allow us to chat with our international brethren of capsuleers. On the fly translations would be great. It’s not beyond CCP’s technical skills.

Why would CCP need to spend the time and effort to develop and implement this when you can just use any of the dozens of translating tools that already exist?

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Are we sure about that?

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Hey, why bother with translation tools when a thick, heavy bound physical language dictionary on your lap would do the trick also? And Hey!! Put down that calculator, a pencil and paper work just as well. Mobile phones? What’s wrong with yelling out the window?

By your reasoning, why bother with the “horseless-carriage” when horses have been doing the job just fine for thousands of years?

It’s called progress and ease of accessibility. Welcome to the computer age.

I still have faith.

…yeah, it’s called Alt Tabbing over to an instance of Chrome and going to Google Translate.

Welcome to the computer age.

Hey, if you enjoy alt-tabbing 100 times, have at it.

Will probably never happen for technical reasons in house, and won’t happen via a third-party api for technical, change and licencing reasons.

As a game developer, I hope CCP stick to developing games and leave us to use dedicated, out of game translation services when we need them.


Noted. But from an immersion role-playing standpoint, the inability for an advanced space faring civilization to come up with a language translator kills the illusion. Given the 64-bit client development, all that access to extra Ram can be put to good interactive-player use besides eye-candy.

Yeah totally. From a players perspective, having a Babel Fish in game would be great, at least one that covers the languages that the EVE client directly supports.

It’d be cool, but likely never happen.

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