Auto translation of languages in chat

I’ve been playing “Last Fortress” on mobile. I am amazed that it has an auto language translation process built into chat.

It goes a long way in understanding other players.

Will CCP consider using this or something like this?

So… you want to integrate with Google Translate? What about us that block those domains at the router?

Also, ML generated subtext/translation for some languages is terrible, especially audio texting (YouTube), and especially when it comes to grammer translations or humour.

It’s bad enough we must let Google through for website reCaptchas which are evil, but translation too? No thanks. Last thing I want is tracking by a third party big tech company (founded by In-Q-Tel no less).

HI, thanks for posting.

no not google translate. Just Language translation. It is up to CCP what software they use. It’s not our job to figure it out.

I currently copy and paste Russian and cheese into local sometimes. But I can see the simplicity of just having the translation just a click away.

In LF mobile I have been speaking to Thai, Russian, French, German and Chinese players.




Good idea! Sometimes I ask friend to link me hypernet links in English and it’s a pain to ask ^^ It will just save time ^^

Item/contract/hypernet links get translated to your client locale, you drag and drop theirs and it will replace their localised text with your localised text.

Yes, I also talk to Rushians, Cheese, Germain and Tye, using Inglish.

A spell check would also be nice for EVE.


That could easily be deployed as a dictonary file (there are open dictionary files that can be used), I don’t want more third party web services or third party data spies integrated with the game.

You could automate it via chat log scraping and use an API to a web service if you personally want translation. Somebody could write a third party tool for that easily imo.

But not in chat… :confused:

Yes, you can just redrop their link and it will show in your client locale language. I’ve done that before. Assuming they haven’t edited the text as you will just get the game text.

TLD: apply to CCP as a game developer.

I was a web designer at a small Railway Hardwear clothing company. Because of my SEO we were top for the relevant keywords in the local and regional area even above larger stores with e-commerce websites and teams. The phone and emails orders were very busy. But when there was a slow time my office manager would come up with ideas for the website.

Some of the list of changes to jazz up the website… because it was boring to him looking through it are below:

  1. A train moving at the top of the screen
  2. Flashing text
  3. An intro movie that played everytime you entered the website.
  4. Train noises.

This happened every time I went to lunch.

I did these out of 100 ideas that were frankly beyond ridiculous and cost thousands. The phone stopped ringing in two weeks as the SEO plummeted.

I showed the boss the numbers and changed the site back, without asking.

Have you tried throwing EVE language in a translator like google translate?

That’s what we’ll get. And I doubt it will be of any use.

Do you talk to people in EVE who speak a different language?

Do you talk to people in EVE who speak a different language?

All the time, I’m doing it right now with you.

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I won’t put what google translate says about you.

This is indeed an issue with people who talk to others with a foreign language. I honestly think this is a technical/business issue that CCP doesn’t see the time worth investing in. With all that stuff going in on chat servers…

In the end CCP doesn’t see the value in this small issue as a worthy cause. Perhaps that might change but all we can do is just use google translate on a tab and I think that’s not so bad.

i kinda think that the “default” game language is english
that is changing nowadays because Chinese , Spanish etc
that said i find that learning english as a second language was a great asset on my gaming life

to be a true nerd you need some english
board games , mmorpgs , card games , memes …

I’m not really sure what that’s supposed to mean.

Anyway, when I’m talking to someone else about EVE in my native language we mostly keep using English words, just because those words are EVE-words.

‘Translating’ the EVE-related words doesn’t make the words any more understandable, in fact, it may do the opposite.

How is an automatic translator like a google translate plugin meant to see the difference between EVE words and other words in a sentence?

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did you read my story about web designer vs office manager. TLD don’t tell designers what to do.

You will never be able to translate “slang” or colloquel terms, based on local stories. But a direct translation is better than non.

I’m not going to design a translation device for EVE. It’s not my job. I am merely highlighting a usecase to support a possible CCP goal “player cooperation”. So in my experience I was able to attack and defend our land and castles with others who don’t speak my native language, “without google cut and paste - which I do with eve.”

Why are you trying to design this when you know nothing about how CCP codes?