Game chat and its further exposure!

It has long been no secret that chat is an integral element of the game.
and chat and enjoy and the
Russian and the English, the Germans French Italians Japanese and all other nationalities that did not mention.I have a question for game it technically possible to add auto translator to the chat settings?
to leave me time spent on using an interpreter.
here is a topic for discussion.
if the topic is relevant, there are ideas for the development of eve.
with the best things to players your Libzix Brest.При написании текста пользовались переводчиком

Well the tech exists, skype does real time text translation, the issue is, its pretty ■■■■ :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can see it now: In local, “Quickly! Warp under space body! I urgently request the repairing spoon!”

Direct translation in real time has it’s disadvantages…


Google would have to sell them their product. Everything else is going to be rather weak.

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You do not want to know what those russians write there. Believe me: i know.

(russian myself)

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