Eve's Chat Server & Translation

So, anyone who has been regular over the past 3 years or so has seen changes to how Local/Corp chat works.

It got hosted out to the cloud (as far as I know) and was broken for month’s BUT the bugs seem to have been ironed out in the main now and LOCAL is kinda dependable again.

My Question is this …

Can we Expand on that and get some translation services going ?
If EvE is to evolve it seems to me to be the next clear step forward…

It’s pretty hard to communicate when you have to consistently use Google Translate or other 3rd party tools…

Anytning in the pipeline that can be revealed that’s not OPSec Dev’s ???

Oh man, can you imagine CCP farming out translation services?

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I agree… google translate is pretty horrible, in my opinion it’s only good for turning streams of Russian insults into something so outlandish it becomes funny.

I was not aware there were any other options, let alone better ones! Which would you suggest?

Or are you actually suggesting CCP embeds google translate into eve chat?!? I certainly don’t want all my chats automatically sent to google… so you’d need some kinda of UI interface for both sender and receiver agreeing to this, which sounds horribly complicated! Isn’t copy/paste easier?

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