Implement the Google Translate API in-game

It would be really nice to have a dropdown to the right of the text input of a chat window to be able to translate what you’ve typed to a specific language since there are such a variety of people speaking different languages in-game.

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Maybe a translator would be okay, but why not use something sensible istead of Google Translate. I can tell you that in school tests for translations, Google Translator regularly scores around 20 to 25 %, which is abyssimal by any standard.

Most probably not gonna happen.

However this is quite possibe scenario to be done via a 3rd-party tool:

  • Ttype something in chat
  • Copy the text to clipboard
  • Press a hotkey
  • Paste translated text back

Copy/paste is a must because any software trying to interact with EVE client directly will result in a ban.

feck google…

Seriously, for a company that used to preach “do no evil” they are doing quite a lot of evil nowadays. Please keep Google as far away from EVE Online as possible. Twitch integration was bad enough. Glad that’s ended too.

Besides, you should not be talking to Russians you should be shooting them! lolz

That’s fine, I just don’t know of any other translation API’s.

Yeah this already exists.

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