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Just as the title says, there needs to be a plug-in of sorts for a universal chat translator. It doesn’t need to be perfect, but should help players get the general gist. This would help streamline the gameplay experience and is a technology which would ostensibly exist in New Eden.


Do you want CCP to code an entire translation operation or do you want CCP to pay a 3rd party service to licensing their translation service?

Whether or not your fanfiction lore idea is relevant makes no issue in the game because CCP can’t just magically implement a translation service out of nowhere.

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The same issues apply in-game as on the forums; see the below threads for extensive discussions about the obstacles that CCP must address to implement player-to-player translations (as opposed to translating the game content).

Implementation and translator within the game

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Portuguese or Spanish language, please!

Non-English speakers without forums

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Is it not good learning opportunity and practice with a tool (English Language) the world uses atm to communicate with each other?

English is the Lingua Franca of this day. Perhaps some time it will be Esperanto or Mandarin or something, but for now it is the English Language and EvE should stay the way it is now…mostly.

It would be nice to see more specific language channels ingame, though.

If one really wanted to play EvE with a language translation program readily available, one could simply run a browser overlay on EvE (I think Eve vision might be a suitable choice now that the Overwolf overlay CCP once recommended is now discontinued) with a translator site of choice accessible through the overlay.

All very good points. Usually people do try to communicate, but every now and then someone can’t or won’t use a translation service, so then I do. Copying, tabbing to a web browser, pasting, and tabbing back is a bit more than a nuisance sometimes. At the end of the day, it is just that though - a nuisance.

Just figured a company which does make quality of life changes for players (red dot?) would be interested in tackling something like this.

You are either gravely overestimating the amount of work it takes to implement a notification for new items, or gravely underestimating the amount of work it takes to have a proper translation service.

Probably both.


Honest acknowledgement of limited knowledge is such a rarity. Have a like for being willing to admit to not knowing everything on the EVE Forums.

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In theory CCP could use Google’s Translate API, but that’s priced at $20 per million characters after the first 500000 characters, up to a billion characters per month (at which point the documentation just says to contact them for bulk discounts…).

How that shakes out is gonna depend heavily on what assumptions we make about how it gets used, but I don’t think any of those assumptions comes out as “cheap”, and it’s still just “Google Translate”, which is still kinda rough around the edges. Especially with anything containing jargon like Eve.

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Local spam from Goons, Test, and Horde after a single fight over a timer would probably max out those characters, lmao. Not to mention the constant stream of spam in Jita local that goes on 24/7.

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There are a bunch of tricks that could probably be used to minimize the actual number of calls to the service, like only calling it a receiving client’s language is different than the senders, and calling it at the server and transmitting to all affected clients.

Even then it would still be a LOT of text though, of fairly low quality, and expensive to implement all of that instead of just making API calls from the clients.

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