Non-English speakers without forums

So, I just put a message in Translator Japanese to try to find a corp with Japan speaking players for a little weeb me. I made it in a main forum recruitment, as I didn’t find any Japan subforum. And it got flaged and removed in short time, I guess because only English policy.
So, I wonder if it is possible to make a subforum for free for all use of languages or something. Just for the sake of learning and convenience for non-english and hobbysts. I mean we have Russian, German, French forums, but how about adding one for all others.

It has to do with moderator availability - CCP does not have moderators at present for additional languages. The ISD’s are working on seeing what options there might be, but it’s not an instant process, and there aren’t any guarantees of what additional languages will be supported or when that will happen.

The best way to help is to encourage players fluent in English as well as an unrepresented language to apply for the ISD program if they are willing to support this effort.


“Other languages” has been extensively discussed by the community recently (particularly more common languages like Spanish moreso than less common languages like Japanese):

I proposed a Spanish forum category recently, ISD Dorrim Barstorlode (one of the ISD heads) said he’s looking into it (in the above thread). Realistically speaking, Spanish is far more likely to be implemented than Japanese anytime soon.

We’ve also had a number of CSM candidates run on platforms heavily advocating improving localization of other languages as well as incorporating other languages into the EVE community (eg. forums)

Another recent thread:

Another recent thread:

There is little more to be said.

It never hurts to apply at if you have language skills. More than one team could use them. :slight_smile:

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I never understood why people so desperately want to be with others from the same country. What’s so special about that?

All in the same timezone? But some will play in the afternoon and others in the evening and again others might work at night.

All speak the same language? If there’s one way to not mingle with others and not progress it’s by putting up language barriers. Also learning and practising English is good for you.

Perhaps it’s trust? Why would I automatically trust or like someone just because he’s from the same country as me. That makes no sense.

I really do think it’s just entitlement and nothing more. That and laziness.

TBH it’s more of a biological thing or a “belonging” thing rather than rational trust. Like it’s a self fulfilling prophecy where we KNOW that the other person from the same place would trust us/not betray us. Stuff like that. Along the same lines is ingame Militias where many people trust people in the same militia though they don’t see them.

About moderating, I don’t see the reason. All the mods do is just take topics that “ceases to be constructive” and not allow more replies. IMO people have to realize that participating in the forums opens you up to trolls as much as participating in EvE opens you up to PVP, and just ignore/troll the trolls.

About the forums, language is a huge part of any community, and allowing different languages builds trust, as one of the core concepts of EvE. For example, many Chinese players go on the Fraternity forums because there they can get the language recognition they need.

It wouldn’t hurt. You can even open up an “unmoderated” section of the channel, allowing an unmoderated section of the forum. (like a “nullsec” part of the forums, we can even name it that) Yes, that would open up niche language users to NSFW content and stuff like that, but that’s just a compromise, remember, they can choose not to open it up, like it never existed.

Another possible way is for the OP to moderate the channel. While it would probably not be a good way, it is a “Way”.

You’ve met those Aussies, too, AY MATE?!

While in theory your idea is sound, the forums have to maintain a PEGI-12 rating… thats why a lot of the cursing and such is blocked out. So they really can’t have any “unmoderated” parts of the forum.

EVE Online holds ESRB Teen and PEGI 12 ratings. All content posted to the EVE Online forums must be teen rated.

As far as english being the main language on the forums. Well thats the language the iclandic people in charge of the game uses, and english is taught mostly throughout the world. That is why there are other sub forums of other languages.

IF we allow languages other than english to post on the forums, they need to add some sort of auto translator for those who don’t speak the language, or just make it one universal language… oh wait, they did.

AFAIK there’s nothing to stop people starting Eve forums in their own language on somewhere like Reddit.

I would like a dedicated forum for Frisian!

Friese vlag

Where’s the Sealand subform?

I concur, we need a forum for the great province of Zeeland as well, because the Zeeuwse language doesn’t have one, but deserves its own forum of course

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Ok, ok, thank you all for the responses. I defenetly see the danger of Zeeland cursing and swearing against minors now. I got it, I even can confirm, that teenagers do play this game. All two of them that I’ve seen five years ago by my own eyes.

Hmm… I’m not sure about how that works but pretty sure having a big warning sign would maintain the rating. Also, the forums aren’t the game, so the game could maintain PG (even, it isn’t, because curse words aren’t even ■■■■ in it), while the forums could be more mature. There’s also naked corpses and stuff like that which aren’t really in line with that.

Zeeland would never swear to minors … miners on the other hand might have to plug their ears.

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I am sure CCP spent loads of money consulting with lawyers on what, precisely, they are required to do in order to maintain their PEGI rating and comply with the online privacy and safety laws that apply to them. This has been demonstrated to include requiring moderation of OFFICIAL content (EVE official forums, CCP-run in-game help channels, etc).

The interim solution for players who do not have an OFFICIAL subforum is to set up an unofficial discussion space and share it within their community. Whether that’s something like a Proboards forum or a Reddit subreddit is up to said community. Any posts on the official site/help channels must continue to obey their respective rules.


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