Introduce Three New Forum Categories

I propose the following forum categories are introduced:

  • Spanish language + subcategories: given that it’s one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world (even moreso than French or German, which already have their own category), Spanish speaking players definitely deserve their own category. See this thread for comprehensive discussion.

  • Linux Issues: Even though it is no longer an officially supported platform, EVE has a strong and growing Linux community, and CCP is known to carefully design EVE to be easily run on Linux. I even remember reading in the patch notes once something along the lines of “fixed an issue for an operating system we do not officially support” not long after CCP discontinued official Linux support. Creating a Linux category will make it easier for the Linux community to support each other even if CCP does not officially support Linux, and doing so will clear the General Issues category of Linux threads that don’t apply to most players. Since there is already a Mac Issues category, it makes sense to create a Linux Issues category, too. (CCP might even be kind enough to post a sticky with ways of EVE could be run on Linux, clearly stating that both the platform and the recommendations are not supported or guaranteed to work, but otherwise might be helpful to Linux users. “Although Linux is not officially supported…”) Oversight on my part: for some reason there the Linux category is over in Technology and Research Center instead of Issues, Workarounds & Localization. Weird. And while we’re on the misplaced category subject… why are there two Mac categories?

  • Website Feedback & Requests: this would be equivalent to the Forum Feedback & Requests category, but for the website as a whole (excluding forums). This could be used as a peer-reviewed alternative to filing support tickets and would lighten the load of support staff accordingly. Sometimes feedback via tickets gets ignored, but with community support on threads, CCP is more likely to take the feedback seriously and update the website accordingly. Perfect example: right now I want to suggest that the support page on Contracts be updated to explain how broker fee and sales tax are computed (ie. incorporated information from the old EVElopedia page, with the necessary updates from recent eco changes as appropriate), but I have nowhere to make this recommendation except to file a support ticket. CCP may very well ignore this recommendation, but if the community agrees with me and supports me on this, then CCP may be inclined to spend all of 5 minutes updating the page. (Granted, I could place it in an existing forum category, but “website feedback” doesn’t fit well in any category except maybe General Discussion.)

+1 totally agree!

Well, that’s bullet 2 addressed:
Spanish: yep, fair enough.
The Web pages from the game site aren’t the greatest, but the player built resources, such as Eve University are very good. It’s a case of cost/benefit - especially if the players have already replaced a lot of it.

Good catch on #2. Weird they put it there instead of the Issues category . Even weirder is that there are two Mac categories… Maybe the Linux category should be relocated and the two Mac categories should be merged? :thinking:

And I mostly agree with you on player sources like EVE Uni wiki, but there is some content that needs or should be updated first-party.

i agree.

There is one issue, on the EVE store. When i click on any of the ‘buy now’ buttons on the packs on the store, it will consider it as purchased and i can’t buy it again even though i did not key in any credit card detail or allow any payment, didn’t recieve any items too. I refreshed the pages and still it’s the same.

@Jay_Ultzar you replied to the wrong thread.

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