EVE Online anti-spanish?

Just odd the sort of attitude they took, a customer came in asking for help - ISD was more intent on telling me I am being disruptive than trying to assist that player. I was able to help the player in private chat, despite the ISD attempts to disrupt that request for help. Cheers.

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Depends how you define it. 2nd most native speakers is Spanish.

It clearly states in the MotD, English only.

You and the other new player, were chatting Spanish, hence the channel moderator (ISD in this case, but could also have been a GM) was enforcing the chat rules. Simple as that


But yeah, I still think it is weird the choice of supported languages in EVE and it would be nice if CCP incorporate more languages officially

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This has been extensively discussed by the community recently:

I proposed a Spanish forum category recently, ISD Dorrim Barstorlode (one of the ISD heads) said he’s looking into it (in the above thread).

We’ve also had a number of CSM candidates run on platforms heavily advocating improving localization of other languages as well as incorporating other languages into the EVE community (eg. forums)

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They do the same thing for Russian or any other non-English language. Most people in this world speak English either as a primary or secondary language. That’s just the way it is.

That is good and all, but its how this ISD handled it that was the issue really. I think they can take a lesson from the world stage right now and step up their game.

I have made a channel called Language Links in game that lists the common non - english channels that I know of. Two links are there for Espanol.



If you have spent much time in rookie help chat you understand that handling questions and the occasional troll is like playing Whack-a-mole. If a bunny pops up, all innocent and furry? WHAM! just the same.



I don’t know, I think the world stage is probably a little more concerned about things other than whether Spanish is supported in one channel on a space game that has like 30,000 people online. As everyone has made pretty clear, no other language other than English is moderated on that channel. It’s hardly a knock against Spanish. Don’t feed into that old stereotype of bitter Icelanders hating on Spain.


Yeah, but still explain then why:

There is a Russian, German and French part of the forums

And in game there are officially supported help channels for:
Russian, French, German, Japanese and Korean.

Of that in game list, I can only see the reason for Russian, Japanese and Korean (due to ownership of EVE and/or different characters). As for the French and German, then also make them use the English parts.

Whats the problem with having a Spanish or Muslim Help channel? There are channels for German, French, Russian, etc.

Bringing this lack of coverage up for people during times like we are in, isn’t going to go very well for game developers not providing access to multi-language help channels.

The gun powder line to the powder room is burning on this one.

No, Rookie Help Channel and the other (official) help channels are moderated and has rules that must be followed. RHC is English only which is why we ISD kindly asked anyone not speaking in English to go to the correct Channel or take it to a private one. So in your case, as you wanted to help the player in Spanish, should have done so in a private chat with the player. There are unofficial language channels for most of the playerbase’s spoken languages, should be a list somewhere on the forum.

If they make a Muslim help channel someone is gonna demand one in Lutheran too. Which will be tough as religions aren’t languages


In order to have a moderated help channel, CCP needs to have enough staff who speak the language fluently to perform moderation around the clock. If they don’t have at least two staff members able to take turns moderating, they cannot have the officially managed channel for that language. And while the community will certainly benefit from the addition of moderators (ISD and/or GM) who speak Spanish, there may not sufficient qualified volunteers (ISD) or employees (GM) to handle that right now.

No quite. They have to sign a contract with a company that is providing this kind of customer service in the target langauge. (If you call your bank, your mobile phone provider or your insurance company, you are very likely not speaking with those.) To justify this expense there has to be an sufficient amount of subscriptions from spanish speaking countries. Sadly, many of those countries use a currency that is not much sought after. We do not live in an ideal world.

‘Staff’ would cover this as well - they’re contract staff instead of direct employees, but still staff.

Muslim is not a language you nitwit…

If you are going to raise a point like this at least make sure you use it correctly.

Also… since we are at it… Why can I not have an Afrikaans help channel. I demand an Afrikaans help channel.


Lets have a christian and Buddhist help channel too. Zoroastrian help channel would be nice.