ADD FEATURE - A Spanish Category to the Forums

The new forum looks amazing! why not add now a spanish seccion to it ? that way the inflow of spanish speakers to EVE could get a place to ask questions and get answers by the community.


Spanish is not a real language that’s why :yum:

400 million people around the world would disagree with that statement :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
…AND in this new design you can actually change de forum’s interface to spanish :smiley:

Short version: Spanish is not a officially supported language, thus CCP wouldn’t be able to moderate the forums.

Long version: si quieres cambiar esto, únete al club porque estos gilipollas de CCP llevan 10 años ignorándonos y antes sacaron una puta traducción al francés que al español…

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Como tu no tengo ni la menor idea que genio del mercadeo no ve potencial en 400 millones de clientes en CCP…Sacaron el cliente en JAPONES!

El español es el tercer idioma mas hablado y de seguro se queda ahí por mucho tiempo…se habla mas que el ingles! Ruso? Frances? Aleman? no me hace ningun sentido que no tengan localizado el juego.

Ojala alguien con un poco de vision en CCP eventualmente vea el potencial. Lo que nos queda es seguir solicitando y peticionandolo sumandose a :

PETICIÓN Crear un Cliente de EVE Online en Español 2017

Yo quiero pizza, Eve en español e insertar imagenes en gif…

I want pizza, Eve in spanish and insert gif image…

If you look there

you will find this in “New Files” category, is this new or not ?


localization/localization_es.pickle ! OMG!


Sadly if you compare it to the other localizations you can tell its an unfinished work, but good news never the less.

Don’t get your hopes up. That thing was in the client for a long time and related to DUST514 only.
Why it’s still in the client? Because :ccp:


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Creo que después de tantos años merecemos un poco de dignidad, FORO HISPANO YA!

I belive After so much years in eve, hispanic comunity deserve a Little of dignity, Hispanic fĂłrum NOW!

Ayyy lmao.

Any resources in spanish with activity ?

I am Latin - American, my wife is interested in finally use the two alphas she are training (one gallente and one Minmatar), and ask me about a blog or resources in spanish. Myself begin some weesk ago a blog in spanish, but dont know other resources in spanish with regular activity.

Hi there,

I do not know if there are any resources out there for people who speak/read that particular language.
However, I believe there is a player created language channel that may be of interest to you: take a look here.

Jugue el tutorial y no me parecio facil entender que debo hacer, no sigo hasta tener noticias de que por fin han traducido el juego, no se mucho ingles pero se que podrĂ­a entenderlo en el juego. pero si nisiquiera hay un foro hispano?. no lo recomiendo a nadie aun.