Player Created Language Channels

When CCP removed the language channels during the Oceanus release, players were invited to create a list of third party language channels. We have included a list of third party language channels that we are aware of. Please feel free to add your own to this list.

These channels are to assist those payers who prefer to read/speak/write in their natural language, especially when their language is not one of the official supported languages.

We are trying something new here. Along with the list of channel names and their respective languages. We have included a channel link URL. Copy and paste that URL into your in-game note pad to create a channel link.

  • Chinese (simplified) - “中文”

  • Croatian - “HRVATSKA”

  • Czech\Slovak - “CZ/SK Pub”
    <url=joinChannel:-63537176//None//None>CZ/SK Pub</url>

  • Danish - “Danish”

  • Dutch - “Nederlands ****”
    <url=joinChannel:-63608897//None//None>Nederlands ****</url>

  • Finnish - ‘suomi v2.1’
    <url=joinChannel:-76467569//None//None>suomi v2.1</url>

  • Greek - “Hellas”

  • Italian - “italiano”

  • Korean - “Korean”

  • Polish - “Polish”

  • Portuguese - “brasil”

  • Portuguese - “brasil”

  • Romanian- “Romanii Au Talent”
    <url=joinChannel:-63607391//None//None>Romanii Au Talent</url>

  • Spanish - “Español”

  • Swedish - “Swedish”

  • Turkish - “Merkez”

  • Ukrainian - “Ukraine”


Swedish supremacy!


I don’t see the german chat !

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The channels listed above are help channels made by players for languages we do not officially support. You can find a German Help chat in the channel list window. Under Help.

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thank you will copy into my notes in game for rookie help as well


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Since I speak :finland: finnish :finland: current channel for :finland: finnish :finland: speaking players is called:
suomi v2.1

<url=joinChannel:-76467569//None//None>suomi v2.1</url>

Here is screenshot how to join in to player made channel. Finnish language channel name is used as example.

There was similar language channel thread in old forums and there are more language channel names available there. Link to thread in old forums.


Help channels are restricted to help people with EVE problems, usually by explaining mechanics etc.

I’d include the German chat because I doubt the “no offtopic! no formating! no fun!” rule is enforced in any of these channels as it is in the official channels.

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@Mikhem thank you, as soon as I can verify that channel I will add it to the list.
Thank you for your input, @Tineoidea_Asanari . A I mentioned in an earlier post this list is simply there to provide channels for players to go to if we don’t support their language. As we support German as an official Help Channel language I will not be adding it to the list at this time.

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@ISD_Stall Hello again? It seems that finnish channel is still not on list.

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Hi there @Mikhem. The list has been updated.

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We have a danish chanel also you can add :slight_smile:


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I will take a look later, thanks.

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romanian-Romanii au Talent ID: -63607391
Channel Name: Romanii Au Talent

I will take a look today.

There’s an Irish channel called ‘‘Irish’’, it used to be heavily populated but now it’s pretty bad, there’s a guy in there that will invite you to his channel every time you join and try and sell you merchandise so that kinda killed it

i am having trouble trying to find a channel for players who are deaf are there any channels out there in game i have a deaf uncle who plays and he is having trouble trying to fit in to the game so i am in search of a deaf community for him who can help him .

Can you please add the channel “Argentinos” to the list as a spanish speaking channel?
idk how to find the id for it