EVE online has player language channels + EVE music + CQ screenshots

Long time ago EVE online had official language channels for most world languages. Then CCP shut down official language channels and they were replaced with player language channels. Problem with this is that player language channels are invisible in EVE community and hard to find. Here is link that shows connection information to player language channels.

Long time ago EVE online had jukebox that played awesome music. Then jukebox was shut down and music was moved to soundcloud service. Problem with soundcloud is that interface to find EVE music is not very user friendly. Here is link that shows link list to EVE music in Soundcloud in alphabetical order.


Long time ago EVE online had Captain Quarters for capsuleers. Captain Quarters showed EVE in completely new perspective. Then Captain Quarters were removed. Here is link for Captain Quarters screenshot thread. We can still enjoy beauty of EVE online Captain Quarters.

I hope these links help EVE community. It was time to bring these treasures some visibility.

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