Make stickied important EVE links thread to general area

I propose stickied thread to EVE forums general area that would contain important EVE links like player language channel thread and EVE meet and totaleve and so on. Currently player language channel thread is not even stickied and people will have hard time to find player language channels. @CCP_Falcon could be ideal person to maintain this thread.

Comments are welcome for my idea that could potentially expand universe for EVE capsuleers.

Here is list of important EVE links. I update this list when I come up with more links.

  • EVE twitter account
  • EVE server status twitter account
  • EVE devs twitter accounts
  • EVE Instagram page
  • EVE music page in Soundcloud
  • EVE Youtube page
  • CCP Games youtube page
  • CCP Games employment opportunities
  • Totaleve
  • EVE meet
  • Player language channel thread in EVE forums
  • UniWiki
  • EVE Reddit page
  • EVE news pages (Imperium news, EVE news 24)
  • EVE Onion

edit 1:

  • The Scope Youtube page
  • EVE store page
  • EVE stories page
  • EVE Facebook page
  • CCP Games Twitter account
  • EVE Who
  • CCP Twitch account
  • Zkill

Edit 2:

Edit 3:

Other CCP Games games home pages:

  • EVE: Valkyrie
  • Sparc
  • Gunjack
  • Gunjack 2

I will be taking notes here.

More Suggestions or links you feel would be helpful to be stickied are welcome.

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