Add official forum discussion thread for ingame news

EVE news always get official discussion thread to forums. EVE ingame news (roleplaying news) do not get discussion thread.

I propose automatic discussion thread to EVE roleplaying forum section for ingame news. This could inspire more people to contibute something for EVE roleplaying. This would also give visibility for EVE roleplaying. One discussion thread for one article.

Comments are welcome for my idea.

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IGS (Intergalactic Summit) is the Roleplaying subforums; news, stories, discussion or what else you could think of. Just remember to stay in-character.

You really miss the mark quite a lot, quite often.
Not everyone wants to post in the IGS, for good reason.
It’s extremely restricting and really easy to go out of character.

You should actually be well aware of that.


I actually did that for two days, with two World News posts. My threads got closed for “lack of content” due to me not adding anything to it, which is acceptable, but I don’t have the time needed to put into keeping up with it.

You have to do it yourself if you want to make it happen.

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