Either turn Mining chat into a General chat or give us a chat specifically for in-game politics

I honestly think the premise of the title is self explanatory but to put it simply due to overbearing ISD’s rigidly enforcing the literal purpose of any particular chat and the fact that this game has a heavy amount of in-game politics that people find interesting to discuss we need an internal way of speaking about it in addition to the forums, Discord and Reddit.

There are two options for this, the first of which being to simply convert Mining Chat into a form of General Chat in which any topic with the explicit exemption of real life politics or NSFW can be discussed OR to simply make a new chat in which in-game politics is permitted.

You can open a private chat with anyone at any time.

In before thread lock.

You can make your own channel if you want to discuss in game politics, or im sure there may already be one.

Also if you want to partake in RP, Intergalactic Summit - EVE Online Forums

Is where you can partake in RP discussions in or out of character depending on the forum rules.

This is for discussions on Lore and anything about it your precious heart desires

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