Please make a Global chat channel, maybe call it "Cluster"

Title pretty much. I’ve seen the carnage in the Mining Channel first hand and it wasn’t pretty. It was pretty toxic.
HOWEVER - I think if Mining channel is to be moderated and “lightly guided” to an on-topic kind of place, similar to the Help channels - then we need a Global channel… let’s call it the “Cluster” because it fits the lore. I am all for light moderation to keep things civil and not in violation of the TOS & EULA is a great thing.

But we need an in-game place to interact across the community if we want to. To tell jokes, to shitpost, and just generally interact. I guarantee you it will drive up player activity. How many countless times have we heard: “Oh, I don’t play EVE but I like the drama/politics/etc”… Interaction puts butts in seats. Butts in seats gives more opportunities for subscriptions. More subscriptions, the more interacting… its a cycle, see?
The reason this would work better than a player run channel is because at that point the owners of that channel are just a go between CCP, the GMs/ISDs, and the population of that channel. Cut out the middle man, so no ones reputation is on the line for just saying “hi”

Also - if you call it the “Cluster” you owe me a Silvershore Greatcoat. Please and thank you.

Edit: Moderated includes not letting it become Jita local. Just sayin… nobody got time for that. Also - it would ofc be opt in. No one should have to keep that channel open if they don’t want.

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Yay, another channel…

I’ll just nope myself out.

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